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Lawrenceburg Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Lawrenceburg Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If properly maintained, hardwood floors can be beautiful and open up any room. If not, then dark spots and discolorations will begin to move in. Lawrenceburg hardwood floor cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help remove those unsightly blemishes and get your floor looking years younger. 

We achieve these results without having to resort to sanding or harsh, toxic varnishes. We use world-class equipment and provide our technicians with extensive training. You can count on our solutions, equipment, and people when it comes to getting cleaning results for your hardwood floors. 

If you want gorgeous hardwood floors, don’t worry. Oxi Fresh is here to provide you with the Lawrenceburg hardwood floor cleaning that you deserve. Call our Scheduling Center at 931-244-1800 and book your appointment today. 

How We Clean 

When you have Oxi Fresh clean for you, you can rest assured that we will deliver results. If you want an idea of what to expect, keep reading. 

Step 1

We will begin by inspecting the floor, going over it in detail. This allows us to get an idea of where grime and dirt are building up. We will take note of any damage we find, and let you know. 

Step 2

Vacuuming is done next, to remove grit and debris that could become abrasive to the floor during cleaning. 

Step 3

The OF2000 floor cleaning machine will be used to apply a pretreatment solution to the floor. This enzyme-powered solution will immediately begin breaking down any grime it comes in contact with. 

Step 4

Once pretreatment is over, we will use the OF2000 to apply our core cleaning solution to the floor. 

Step 5

The final step is optional, but without it your floor won’t look nearly as nice. We can now apply Oxi Fresh Refinisher to the floor. This semi-gloss, temporary urethane coating will help keep the floor looking great and free of grime. 

If you’re ready for a hardwood floor cleaning in Lawrenceburg, call our Scheduling Center at 931-244-1800 today and book your appointment.

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Steven Neusse

Meet Steven Neusse


Steven Neusse knows how challenging and important hardwood floor cleaning in Lawrenceburg can be. Let Steven and his team show you what an Oxi Fresh cleaning can do for your home, they are ready to get started and get the results you deserve.

Why People Prefer Oxi Fresh

Here are just a few reasons why people choose a Lawrenceburg hardwood floor cleaning with Oxi Fresh:

No Sanding - Oxi Fresh doesn’t rely on sanding, we clean the floor, we don’t resurface it. 

Easy Appointments - Scheduling with Oxi Fresh is easy, we don’t use windows. You won’t be waiting around for us, you choose when we arrive and get started. 

Acrylic Wax Removal - If you’ve ever tried to clean with store products, one thing you might now know is that many of them leave behind cheap wax. Oxi Fresh can remove that for you, before the true cleaning begins we will get the old, dirty wax off the floor. 

Additional Services

Oxi Fresh doesn’t begin or end with Lawrenceburg hardwood floor cleaning. Let Oxi Fresh take care of the tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and even residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We can clean houses or businesses with equal speed and skill, so let’s get started working for you. 

To book any of our services, simply give us a call at 931-244-1800 today!

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