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Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

There are carpet cleaners everywhere, but many of them are using techniques that are a bit out of date. One such carpet cleaning method is the bonnet carpet cleaning system. Also know as spin bonnet carpet cleaning, it uses a machine similar to a floor buffer with an absorbent pad that is run over the carpet. The goal is to have the pad absorb the dirt in the carpet, but a bonnet carpet cleaning machine can only clean about the top third of the carpet fibers.

The problem is that the machine scrubs downward, compressing the pile and preventing the pad from reaching deep into the carpet. That often means that spin bonnet carpet cleaning will not provide a truly deep cleaning. What’s more, the downward scrubbing motion of this system often requires carpets to be raked back up after a cleaning, which can it make it easier for debris to rise to the carpet surface again. The bonnet carpet cleaning system simply doesn’t provide the quality cleaning many people need.

That’s why Oxi Fresh does not use the spin bonnet carpet cleaning. We know our customers have difficult spots and deeply embedded dirt that needs to be lifted up and out of the carpet, so we use a revolutionary method that does just that. It starts with our green carpet cleaning solutions that both break apart debris and capture it in microscopic crystals – making dirt easy to remove. Then we bring out our machine, which is very unlike a spin bonnet carpet cleaning machine because its dual counter rotating brushes scrub upwards and inwards rather than down.

This combo of our cleaning solutions and unique machine leaves carpets clean from pile to tip and, since it’s not a bonnet carpet cleaning, your carpets won’t be compressed and have to be raked back up. They’ll dry upright and soft in about one hour. If you want to treat your floor to Oxi Fresh’s best carpet cleaning, all you have to do is call us today at 1.877.OxiFresh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bonnet carpet cleaning uses an absorbent pad to scrub the floor, scrubbing downward, compressing the pile, and cleaning the top third of the carpet.

Both steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning come with major flaws. Bonnet cleaning only cleans the top third of your carpet, but everybody knows dirt settles deep into the pile. Steam cleaning uses too much moisture and can lead to wickback or even moldy carpet pads. Neither is the best choice.

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Based on 279,269 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
They were on time and did a nice job. The service man even helped me move my heavy pots c MK. - LEAWOOD, KS - 04/25/2024
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My carpet looks great easy scheduling and courteous and professional service . Thank you SL. - Warwick, NY - 04/25/2024
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Great communication and top notch service JB. - Riverview, FL - 04/25/2024
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