Oxi Fresh Franchisee Sonia Garg Featured in Major Publications

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Local Kirkland Carpet Cleaning Franchise Used as a Force for Good

The website Patch.com, a community-oriented news platform, recently featured a post on Oxi Fresh franchisee Sonia Garg and her purpose-driven carpet cleaning business in Kirkland, Washington. A similar story appeared in a two-page spread published in the January 2023 edition of the prominent publication Franchising Magazine USA

Leading the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise in her home community of Kirkland, Washington, Sonia is committed to using her business as a force for good in the local area, providing valuable eco-friendly cleaning services to her neighbors as well as gainful employment to impoverished individuals in the community. 

From Software to Supermom

As a first-generation immigrant to the U.S., Sonia was born and raised in India, where she earned a degree in computer engineering before launching a career in the software industry. When she eventually moved to the United States, she continued her high-level engineering career, working for well-known technology companies. 

When she and her husband had their first child, she initially continued her full-time career. But after a few months of balancing motherhood and employment, it soon became untenable, especially with her husband’s frequent travel for his own high-powered career. So, with her family’s support, Sonia left her job to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Her husband’s career flourished, and not long after they gave birth to a second child. At the time, Sonia thought she’d made a wonderful decision by staying home.

Throughout these years, Sonia’s daughter suffered from an allergy to dust, leading the family to have their carpets professionally cleaned once every six months to remove the allergen. Time after time, Sonia was disappointed in the service they received, which left their carpets soaking wet for hours on end and utilized chemical cleaners that could’ve impacted her family’s health.

Desperate for a better, greener carpet cleaner, Sonia found Oxi Fresh and soon became an Oxi Fresh devotee. Where other cleaners left their carpets saturated, Oxi Fresh left their carpets dry in about one hour, all while using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and efficient machines and methods. Oxi Fresh didn’t just deliver great carpet cleanings, either—they consistently operated with professionalism and impressive customer service. 

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

After a decade at home raising her kids, Sonia got the urge to return to corporate America. Even though she had the skills and experience, she struggled to find a reasonable fit, as employers were wary of hiring an engineer with such a lengthy gap of unemployment. Suddenly those years as a mom—which she had so cherished and appreciated—had become a challenge. 

Thankfully, Sonia’s connection to Oxi Fresh offered her an empowering solution. In the face of her doubts, she realized she could turn her skills and abilities to entrepreneurship and launch a green carpet cleaning franchise in Kirkland with Oxi Fresh that would offer her a satisfying path to employment, all while serving her neighbors and community with an exceptional service she herself had grown to love.

Soon, there was a new carpet cleaning franchise in Kirkland, Washington. And with Sonia, it was always about more than the paycheck. It was about the satisfaction that comes with a job well done, with achieving success on her own terms, and with going above and beyond to build up the Kirkland community alongside her carpet cleaning business.

One point of pride for Sonia lies in the empathetic hiring practices she uses to build her Kirkland carpet cleaning team. By intentionally offering training, employment, and active support to struggling individuals in her area, she’s been able to positively impact the community and alter the course of her employees’ lives. 

Once struggling to find work in her previous field, Sonia chartered her own course as an entrepreneur, reimagining her career and creating a purposeful carpet cleaning business that’ll have a positive and enduring impact on the Kirkland community for a long time to come.

Franchising Opportunities at Oxi Fresh

Other purpose-driven entrepreneurs may find a great fit between their personal ambitions and Oxi Fresh’s current franchising opportunities as well. For starters, Oxi Fresh offers an eco-friendly, low-moisture carpet cleaning system that maximizes convenience and enhances the customer experience, all while delivering deep, thorough cleanings. 

Beyond the green cleaning system, Oxi Fresh franchisees can feel great about the fact that Oxi Fresh makes frequent donations to support Water.org, a non-profit fighting to expand access to safe water and sanitation throughout the developing world. 

Oxi Fresh franchisees also benefit from the rigorous and comprehensive support of the Home Office team based at the company’s Colorado headquarters. The Home Office team provides extensive technological, administrative, and marketing support, including a centralized Scheduler Center, a powerful business management software suite, search engine optimization programs, webpage designs, training resources, and much more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about carpet cleaning franchise opportunities at Oxi Fresh, please visit www.oxifreshfranchise.com, where you can also get in touch with the Franchise Development Team.

If you’d like to book a fast-drying Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning, please use Oxi Fresh’s Online Scheduler or give them a call at 1-877-OXIFRESH whenever you’ve got the time.

To read more about Sonia and her Kirkland carpet cleaning business, please visit the post on Patch.com as well as the spread in Franchising Magazine USA.

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