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Dog hiding under blanket, with just their front paws and nose visible.
Big Booms, Poor Pups – Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

Fourth of July is meant to be a fun time spent with your friends and family. Given the current pandemic, though, your celebrations may be smaller this year. Just you, your family, and your pets. And while your pets will no doubt love all the extra attention they’ll get on the Fourth, what they’d appreciate […]

Jonathan Barnett, leader of the carpet cleaning franchise company, standing in front of the back of an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning van
Authority Magazine Features Jonathan Barnett in New Interview

Carpet Cleaning Franchise Leader Shares Thoughts on Business During COVID Authority Magazine, a publication that specializes in “ interesting ‘thought leadership interview[s],’” has released an interview with our carpet cleaning franchise company’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Barnett. This interview covered a wide range of subjects. Charlie Katz, the interviewer, asked Mr. Barnett about his entrepreneurial […]

Family on vacation having barbecue sitting a deck near the beach
Backyard BBQ Laundry Stain Guide!

How To Get Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, and Mustard Stains Out of Clothing Summer is here, and that means it’s BBQ time! Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs – yum, yum, yum! But for every delicious dish served up, there’s always the chance it’ll end up on your kids’ clothes and not on their plates. To help you […]

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Franchising

Article on Franchising.com Explores the Challenges Facing Franchise Brands For those of you with an interest in the world of franchising, you should check out a new article published on Franchising.com. In it, the head of our carpet cleaning franchise brand – Jonathan Barnett – and several other CEO’s discussed how the current crisis is […]

Green and white cupcakes on a green, gingham tablecloth on a wooden table
St. Patrick’s Day Spills and Spots – Green Food Dye Shirt Stain?

From dyeing beer to whole rivers, it’s clear that everyone’s favorite color on St. Patrick’s Day is green. So, if you’re planning on breaking out the green food dye to make a holiday-inspired treats or drinks, keep this guide handy. It’ll show you how to get food dye stains out of laundry! What You’ll Need […]

coffee spilling onto beige berber carpet from a white mug with blue stripes
Erasing Coffee Stains with Oxi Fresh!

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee . . . as long as it stays in the cup. When it spills all over the carpets, well, that’s another story. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to help with this handy coffee stain removal guide for carpeting. Check it out! What You’ll Need – Liquid […]

Wiping Out Wine Spots in Carpets!

Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or just any day of the week, a glass of red wine can be a nice treat – as long as it doesn’t spill anywhere and leave a wine spot. If it gets on the carpets, though, red wine quickly goes from a delightful drink to a nightmare. Not to […]

Makeup collection on white boards
Laundry Hacks: Cleaning Mascara Stains, Lipstick Stains, and Foundation Stains in Clothes!

The last thing you want to see on your shirt is a makeup stain. Whether it’s foundation, mascara, or lipstick, seeing that spot means you’re in for a laundry challenge. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh has a guide that can help you erase the stain with nothing but a bit of soap and some determination! Quick Note: […]

Oxi Fresh Welcomes New Year, Celebrates Achievements

Rapid Growth, Amazing Customers Service, and Reaching 100K in Donations The new year is a time to reflect on your accomplishments and what you home to achieve in the future. As a carpet cleaning franchise, we’re proud to say we ended 2019 having grown our business, provided customers with a world-class service, and reaching an […]

Monthly calendar planner with a pen resting on it on a background of white wooden boards
7 Resolution Hacks for the New Year!

All of us want to live better lives, and resolutions can be handy tools to help us change. But how do we keep these promises to ourselves? It can be so easy to slack off. These 7 hacks can help you keep your New Year’s resolution! Hack 1: Choose ONE Resolution Deep down, we all […]

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The quote we were given and what we paid was not the same. We ended up being charged $20 more than what we were quoted. Rob did a great job, was very personable and the carpets look great. LF. - Johnson Creek, WI - 07/31/2020
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