Healthy, Chocolate-y Granola Bars!

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Looking for something tasty that you can give to your kids on the go but don’t want to buy those basic store-made goodies? Then check out this recipe for homemade granola bars!

5 Tips to Be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

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5 Ways to Be a Greener Pet Owner I love pets – coming home after a long day to a big, happy dog or purring kitty is one of the greatest feelings in the world. As we pet our fluffy friends, though, we should also be asking ourselves how we can be green pet owners. […]

The Spotlight: Nail Polish Stain Removal

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Some stains are easier to clean than you’d think, some are tougher than their appearance let’s on, but then there are stains that are just as tough as they look. Nail polish is one of the trickiest stains out there and can be a challenge to clean at home. This carpet stain removal guide should […]

5 Tips for your Perfect Summer BBQ

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Kids running around, lemonade by the gallon, the frisbee getting tossed about – summer BBQ’s are great, aren’t they? Everyone at Oxi Fresh loves them and we’ve put together some of our favorite tips to help make your next summer shindig better than ever!

Beat Back the Bugs! Green Tips For Fighting Mosquitoes!

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No one likes mosquitoes. They spread disease, they’re annoying, and they make us itch. Unfortunately, mosquitoes absolutely love us and will happily buzz and bite all summer long if we let them. So let’s deal with the little devils with these great green tips!

The Spotlight: Keeping Ketchup Off the Carpet

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From a pickled fish sauce in China to a mushroom and shallot concoction in England, Ketchup went through a lot of changes before it became the sweet, tomato-based condiment of today. Fascinating as that history is, it will probably be the last thing on your mind the next time someone spills ketchup all over your […]

A Mini-Guide to Micro-Gardening

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Vegetable Garden Using Containers
Fresher is better – that’s a mantra that always rings true for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Now, while you can get pretty darn fresh produce at a grocery store, food from a home garden is even fresher and produces less pollution (no trucks hauling them, fewer chemicals, etc.)

Tips & Tricks: Mango Salad with Goat Cheese and Celery

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  We’re coming into a perfect time for mangoes, so let’s put together a delicious salad based around this wonderful fruit and throw in some refreshing celery, crunchy Brazil nuts, and some perfectly tasty goat cheese crumbles! Yum!

Getting Honey Out of Carpets

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Honey – so tasty, so sweet, so perfect on so many things. Honey has been a favorite treat of humankind (and bearkind) for thousands and thousands of years – it’s also been getting our clothes and homes sticky for just as long. So if you or a chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff got […]

Oxi Fresh Ranked in Franchisee Satisfaction Awards!

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Every year, the Franchise Business Review – a leader in franchise market research – surveys thousands and thousands of franchisees across hundreds of brands to figure out which company has the most satisfied franchisees. They ask a variety of questions that touch on everything from their relationship with the franchisor to training to business lifestyle. They compile their results in the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards so that entrepreneurs and future franchisees can pick the best companies to join.

This is an important and unique list since it’s created based on what the franchisees report. That’s why Oxi Fresh is proud to have been named in the 2015 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards, ranking as #39 among franchise systems with 250 or more units. Continue Reading post – Oxi Fresh Ranked in Franchisee Satisfaction Awards!