Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s 2023 Year in Review

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A Look Back at Oxi Fresh’s 2023 Accomplishments

As we look back on 2023 and look ahead to the rest of 2024, we’d like to thank each and every customer who has supported Oxi Fresh over the past year. Providing a great carpet cleaning service that improves our customers’ lives is what we’re all about, and it’s been an honor to serve you this past year.

Thanks to our excellent customers and quality service, we’ve accomplished an awful lot over the past twelve months, exceeding expectations across North America while growing our franchise family and opening up new markets. Check out the rest of this blog to learn about some of our biggest accomplishments of 2023.

Oxi Fresh’s Las Vegas Convention

From July 31st to August 2nd of 2023, the broader Oxi Fresh team gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the first Oxi Fresh convention since the pandemic. We introduced new vendors and capabilities to our franchisees and delivered numerous training sessions on key topics, expanding our team’s skills and abilities in critical areas of the business.

We also held many fun, engaging networking events to help us strengthen the knowledge-sharing and relationships throughout Oxi Fresh. At our meeting in Vegas, we were able to better align the whole organization around our central goal: providing a high-quality cleaning service to customers like you.

Quality Cleanings and Satisfying Service

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We’re thrilled to note that we completed an enormous number of cleaning jobs in 2023. From coast to coast, we served a boatload of customers! We’re incredibly grateful to have had the chance to reach so many people this year with our eco-friendly carpet cleanings and other premium services.

Across these many cleanings, we earned an average Net Promoter Score of 81. If you aren’t familiar with this metric, it simply shows that Oxi Fresh left behind a lot of happy customers in 2023.

Plus, our total online review count grew to more than 270,000 to date, with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. At Oxi Fresh, we work as hard as we can to make our customers happy, and we love having stats like these that let us know we’re on the right track.

This image features the words "247,987 total reviews to date" on top of a dark blue circle, along with a series of golden stars.

Charitable Giving through Water.org

Anytime a carpet or upholstery cleaning is booked through our Online Scheduler, Oxi Fresh makes a donation to Water.org. Founded by actor Matt Damon and his partner Gary White, Water.org works in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to expand access to safe water and sanitation for underserved communities.

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve donated more than $250,000 to Water.org since we started this program in 2015. Choosing Oxi Fresh means you’re choosing a responsible company with a firm commitment to giving back.

This image features the words "more than $250,000 donated to Water.org since 2015" on top of a dark blue circle.

2023 Internal Initiatives and Key Improvements

While serving our customers throughout the last year, we’ve also worked continuously to improve our customer service, marketing, and franchisee support.

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Customer Service

We’re always improving our training programs and internal resources to make sure our franchisees and their teams in the field are providing a quality service that meets Oxi Fresh’s rigorously high standards.

But that’s not all we did in 2023 to improve our customer service. For instance, we made a big push to improve our customers’ scheduling experience, which included a major website redesign and a significant expansion of our Scheduling Center team.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy has continued to become more and more sophisticated over the past twelve months as well. We expanded our social media capabilities through our partnership with a powerful scheduling platform, and we implemented new marketing programs based around text messaging technology. These include general promotional texts, as well as reminder texts for existing/past customers.

Improvements like these help our franchisees better find and serve their customers, and we look forward to continuing to improve our marketing programs in 2024.

Operations and Franchisee Support

Day-in and day-out, we work hard to serve every customer with excellence. For Oxi Fresh’s Home Office team, the same principle applies to our franchisee support programs.

Over the last year, we’ve implemented a wide variety of operational improvements, new tools and resources, and other tactics and strategies to help our franchisees and their businesses excel.

Here are just a few of the many things we did in 2023 to optimize our operations and better support our franchisees and their teams:

  • Implemented numerous custom software enhancements that had a huge impact on our franchisees’ efficiency in key areas
  • Introduced a superior payment processing provider to the whole system
  • Launched an updated apparel and promo store offering several advantages
  • Met with our Franchise Advisory Council to better address franchisee needs and concerns
  • Employed the Fresh Press newsletter to share key tips, news, and other important information with our franchisees
  • Published an updated Oxi Fresh Cleaning Systems Manual
  • Held two Commercial/PULL System Trainings at the Home Office
  • Created a new Home Office role to help coach and support our growing roster of franchisees

Because Oxi Fresh offers a great service that customers love as well as industry-leading franchisee support systems, we continue to attract new entrepreneurs to the Oxi Fresh family. In 2023, we’re proud to say we opened 43 new franchise territories across the U.S. and Canada, bringing our quality services to many new markets.

This image features the words "43 new markets served" on top of a dark blue circle.

2023 Rankings and Recognition

As usual, Oxi Fresh received numerous rankings and other forms of recognition from prominent publications as a result of our stellar carpet cleanings and incredible business opportunities for franchisees.

This image features the words "One of 2023's top-ranked franchise brands" on top of a dark blue circle.

Here’s a look at some of our most impactful coverage from 2023:

Looking Ahead: 2024

In 2024, Oxi Fresh plans to continue serving customers with the industry’s finest eco-friendly carpet cleanings and other related services. As always, we’ll also continue to improve our franchisee support systems.

We also hope to expand into roughly sixty new franchise territories over the next twelve months, continuing to grow our reach throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This image features the words "2024 goal: 60 new markets served" on top of a dark blue background.

Within the U.S., we’re especially focused on growing our footprint in Boston, Los Angeles, Alabama, and New York—so please get in touch through our franchising website if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more. We’re also aiming for a major expansion into Canada, hoping to open at least ten new territories in Canadian markets in 2024.

Thank You!

That wraps up Oxi Fresh’s 2023 year in review. Thanks for supporting your local Oxi Fresh. We can’t wait to serve you in the New Year!

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