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Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Services

If you operate a facility, you know how necessary janitorial carpet cleaning services are. Constant foot traffic, tracked in dirt and oils, and regular spilling will really do a number on even tough carpets. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning is here to help your facility.

We clean deep and quickly thanks to our modern methods. We’re not an old-fashioned steam cleaner that will leave your facility’s floors soaked for a day. Instead, we employ a revolutionary machine and a cadre of powerful, safe products. Together, they can revitalize carpets while cutting dry times down to just about one hour.

But fast dry times aren’t the only convenience offered by our carpet cleanings. We also offer regular maintenance programs built around your facility’s needs. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to create a schedule that best serves your budget and your building.

To see if Oxi Fresh is offering carpet cleanings in your area, call our Scheduling Center at 1-877-OXIFRESH.

Not Just Carpets

Of course, it’s not just the carpets in a facility that can suffer from dirt and grime. Tile floors, wood floors, and upholstery all require professional care if you want to extend their useful lifespans and keep things looking professional.

Oxi Fresh offers all of those services. Whether we’re rescuing sofas in a break room, wood floors in a meeting area, or tile in the hallways, you can count on us for quality results and friendly customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the level of foot traffic you receive and whether your floors are open to a steady stream of customers or employees only. Businesses that receive daily customers should clean their floors daily or weekly at the least. In addition to daily vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping from your janitorial team, you should also have a professional floor cleaner come in monthly or quarterly for a deep clean.

Janitorial services handle your day-to-day cleaning, such as sweeping and mopping. A commercial floor cleaning service is typically hired on a monthly or quarterly basis to deep-clean your floors with special equipment.

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What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.7 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 282,024 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
whoever thought cleaning your couch would be an uplifting experience? thanks to Todd whalon it certainly was for me. he was punctual, polite, very friendly and explained just enough about his product so that i was aware but did not glaze over with tmi. within 15 minutes the couch i was about to pay someone to take away (kidding but it was bad) looked absolutely brand new. no ink marks or water marks or dirt. nothing. and the water marks he warned me about (and was insistent that i call him immediately if i saw them) did not appear. clearly a proud family man, todd was not only absolutely professional and clearly knew what he was doing, but also very personable and i wish his son the best of luck. CALL THIS COMPANY FOR ANY CARPET OR UPHOLSTERY CLEANING YOU HAVE dd. - Chapin, SC - 05/26/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Great work! Will buy again! EP. - St. Louis, MO - 05/24/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
My mom's condo was cleaned so it could be sold. I live in Tucson and did not see the carpet before or after cleaning; The realtor said she had hoped it would be cleaner. So, I am not sure if it could have been cleaner or not. . .But you were there on time to clean the carpet, and it did look a lot better from other reports. :Linda ross LR. - Rapid City, SD - 05/24/2024
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)

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