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Rug Cleaning Tips

Cleaning an area rug can be tough as they often end up capturing the most dirt and grime of any carpets in the house. It’s made more difficult because rolling the rug up and throwing it in the washing machine isn’t always an option. Despite this, maintaining your rugs is worth it as it greatly increases their lifespan, keeping them looking good for years. In order to help you with your rugs, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is sharing some of its great rug cleaning tips. Whether you need area rug cleaning tips or wool rug cleaning tips, Oxi Fresh is here to help.

  • Prevention: The best rug cleaning tip is to stop problems before they happen. Unless the area rug is a doormat, it’s best to have people remove their shoes before walking on it. You should also try to keep food and drinks away from the area rug if possible. Try to keep pets from sleeping on it – train them to use dog/cat beds instead. If the area rug is very decorative and expensive, don’t placing it in the middle of a very high traffic area.
  • Maintenance: Vacuum your area rugs regularly – at least twice a week, but preferably more often. This reason for this rug cleaning tip is that everyday dust and debris will, unless vacuumed up, work its way into the carpet, making it look untidy. Consistent vacuuming will help prevent that from happening.
  • Special Cleanings: Occasionally, it’s good to take your rugs out side and beat them to remove any embedded debris your vacuum can’t get up. Now, if the rug is very delicate or very old, you may not want to follow this rug cleaning tip.
  • Spot Clean ASAP: Whenever someone spills, immediately blot up as much of the spot as possible. Don’t scrub the area or pour water onto it – blot. Next, if you have a bottle of our Oxi Spotter from an appointment, try to use that to get up the spill. If you don’t have the bottle, there are a plethora of home remedies you can find online that should help. Test any method on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the rug in any way.

We hope these rug cleaning tips help you out, but if you ever find yourself needing a professional area rug cleaning, we’re here to help. Oxi Fresh is ready get those area rugs looking and feeling fresh again with our green carpet cleaning methods. To get started setting up an appointment, use the Franchise Finder below to get carpet cleaning coupons and the right number to call.

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