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Janitorial Upholstery Cleaning Services

Waiting rooms, break rooms, training rooms – a facility needs upholstered furniture in a lot of different places. They also need janitorial upholstery cleanings to keep that furniture looking its best.

After all, anyone who’s run a facility knows the impact that regular, heavy use can have on upholstery. A sofa that was once lovely and fresh looking can be quickly transformed by absorbed oils, grime, dirt, and spills.

Suddenly, no one wants to sit on the waiting room sofa – and that reflects on the whole facility. When you have dirty furniture in even the nicest, cleanest room, the whole area begins looking dull and dingy.

But you don’t have to worry, because Oxi Fresh is here to help. We offer highly-effective upholstery cleanings that quickly and safely break down soiling materials. With our treatments, your facility’s furniture will keep that professional and clean look.

Discover if your local Oxi Fresh is offering upholstery cleanings in your area – call our Scheduling Center today.

Upholstery Maintenance Programs

Operating a facility is a challenging task, and the last thing you need to be worried about is a new spill on a sofa somewhere. So let Oxi Fresh worry about that for you. With our maintenance programs, we’ll keep your furniture feeling fresh throughout the year.

These programs are designed around your facility and budget. If one room’s furniture sees heavy use, they’ll be cleaned more often. Have an area that’s barely occupied? We’ll reduce cleanings there to just what’s needed.

So if you want clean furniture without the fuss and hassle, contact Oxi Fresh today about our janitorial maintenance program.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are all kinds of DIY recipes out there but at the end of the day, you want to go with a trustworthy company who has experience in the space and insurance in case of mistakes.

It's almost always worth it to have your upholstery cleaned, so long as the furniture is structurally sound and not breaking down. A commercial fabric cleaner can make your furniture look years younger by removing dirt and grime, saving you thousands of dollars on replacements.

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