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Commercial Carpet Protection

With the amount of traffic and usage commercial carpets see, sometimes it’s better to be proactive in commercial carpet protection, rather than just waiting for stains to appear. By protecting your carpet with Oxi Fresh, you can end up saving yourself quite a bit of trouble. Our carpet cleaning protectant is designed to help prevent stains from setting into your carpet fibers.

This gives you and your employees the time needed to clean up stains before they can do real damage. With Oxi Fresh and our carpet cleaning protectant, a spill in the office doesn’t have to be a cause of panic. And since this protectant lasts for six months, you’ll be able to relax knowing that Oxi Fresh is there to protect your carpet from stains, even for months after we’re gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using doormats at the entrance to any commercial building will go a long way toward protecting your carpet. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleanings also help. There are also commercial carpet protectants that can help seal up your carpet against contamination so that dirt and grime will be easier to remove without it soaking into the carpet fibers.

Yes! Installing new carpets can get very expensive, so you want to get the maximum life expectancy out of the flooring you have. Carpet protectant can help you get many additional years out of your floor.

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Based on 289,967 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
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