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In the world of carpet cleaning, there is a lot of competition – and a good portion of it it comes from franchisees of the same company fighting each other for business. That problem of franchisees overlapping is something that could be avoided, but many companies allow it to happen. So the franchises market all over the cities there in, trying to take business from their fellow franchisees.

That is not the case with Oxi Fresh. With us, you have an exclusive, protected territory. That means no other Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise can engage in direct marketing to the customers in the area. This protects Oxi Fresh franchisees from having their business taken away from them by other owners.

And since Oxi Fresh’s protected territories include up to 110,000 households, which is an average of over 300,000 people, you can grow and grow without becoming constricted by your territory. If available, you can buy a second territory at a 25% discount, and if you want to grow even more, a third territory will be discounted at 35% of the current purchase price!

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The carpet smelled so much fresher and the representative was friendly and professional. CD. - Chula Vista, CA - 01/05/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
No one showed up on 12/21/2018 for the appointment. I waited 10 minutes then called the 1-800 number to inquire what might have happened. The call was redirected to an agent in Colorado. She tried, unsuccessfully, to reach the technician. I mentioned to her that I had been inconvenienced as I had to take the afternoon off from work to avail myself for the appointment. She said that she was in Colorado there wasn’t much that she could do. She also told me that someone would contact me within 15 minutes. I have yet to receive that call. CD. - Salinas, CA - 01/05/2019
(0.0 Out of 5 stars)
I was very pleased with your service. The young man was able to get some stains out one of your competitors was unable to do. Very important drying Tim Burton DK. - Derby, KS - 01/05/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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