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The environment and our impact on it is a concern for millions, if not billions, of people. In order to combat waste and pollution, new green companies, including those who specialize in green carpet cleaning, have emerged who use efficient technology, low-energy solutions, and safe materials in order to reduce any negative effect on the environment.

Oxi Fresh is one of those businesses. We are committed to being an environmentally friendly and green carpet cleaning company. We practice water conservation, have energy efficient machines, and recycle both in the field and in our office. Plus, as a part of our eco carpet cleaning, we use green carpet cleaning products that are safe for pets and children.

This eco friendly carpet cleaning is very effective. Our green carpet cleaning actively breaks up the stains in the carpet while making them easy to scrub out of the carpet. What’s more, since our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions are so effective, there is no need for large amounts of water, so your carpet will dry in about one hour!

When it comes to getting a natural carpet cleaning that is safe for both you and the environment, you’ll want to go with Oxi Fresh. Our green carpet cleaning is one of the best available, getting rid of stubborn stains while still remaining environmentally friendly.

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They did a Great job / even exceeded my high expectations HC. - Atlanta, GA - 10/23/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I am so sorry to have to have to say this. I am a senior citizen, and so have much experience with household management. We are fortunate to have a high-end decor.This week I had carpets cleaned and two white designer sofas in excellent condition cleaned. One had a serious, small urine spot underneath one cushion. Other than that, the cleaning was mostly to refresh the fabric.To say that my heart is heavy is an understatement. There are now yellow streaks all over both of my beautiful sofas. I also just discovered streaks in the Berber carpet.I can send you pictures of the before and after showing the extensive staining on every surface of both sofas if you should want to see the end result.Our service provider has reimbursed us. However, this is not going to cover the cost of repairing the damages. A local company has agreed to pick up the sofas and work on them for about a week at their facility. They are optimistic that they can bring them back to satisfactory and are charging $680 to pick up and clean them. If this doesn’t work, we are going to have to reupholster them. We have receipts for reupholstering them which would have to be confirmed —but it was between $2,000 to $3000. each. So, you can probably understand why we are heartbroken.What you can do is to help us to recover from this catastrophe. Thank you for caring.Barbara And Claude Hutcheson BH. - Greensboro, NC - 10/22/2020
(0.0 Out of 5 stars)
The rugs still smells like pee even though I paid an extra $35 for an odor additive. Also, the guy smell so strongly of cigarettes that my son smelled him from behind a closed door. I also question why there’s a spot for a tip. Doesn’t the worker get paid by the hour? He did a fine job on the coaches. They were still wet 24 hours after application so that’s confusing because he said 6-8 hours. I even had a fan running on one couch and it was still wet today. I requested the whole basement be done and the girl who took my “order” quote told me it was part of the $500 fee. The guy came and said no, it’s additional an fee. I would like the rugs redone but not by the guy that came yesterday. SW. - Hoffman Estates, IL - 10/22/2020
(2.5 Out of 5 stars)

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