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Customers deserve professionalism wherever they go, be it the movie theater, grocery store, or car wash. They are especially entitled to it when anyone comes to their home to perform a service, and we here at Oxi Fresh do everything we can to respect that. For us, being a professional carpet cleaning company is of the utmost importance, both at the appointment and away from it.

Professional carpet cleaning at the appointment shows itself in many ways. It starts, of course, with our technicians. As professional carpet cleaners, they’re required to wear a clean, neat uniform and to keep their vehicle and equipment tidy. Our professional carpet cleaners have to be courteous and will do what they can to respect your needs and wishes throughout the appointment. Equally important to our professional carpet cleaning services is educating our customers on both our methods and the advantages our system can offer.

Our commitment to professional carpet cleaning isn’t limited to the appointment, but instead extends throughout all levels of the company. Our franchisees work diligently to train their employees to reach our high standards, often doing this while providing professional carpet cleaning services themselves. At the Home Office, our Scheduling Center is full of customer service representatives, trained to answer questions about our methods, make helpful suggestions, and get you the best appointment time.

You see, at Oxi Fresh we are a professional carpet cleaning company from the moment you pick up our coupon to when you say goodbye to our technicians. After all, you don’t deserve anything less than to have your carpet professionally cleaned by the very best.

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would highly recommend Saman to clean your rugs or carpet. Customer service was top notch and reasonable prices. I had them come and clean my carpets at my house and they did a fantastic job cleaning them. I will definitely call them next time. Technician Saman AS. - 06/29/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I am disappointed with the cleaning, at first it looks great after a day it looks like it needs to be done, I realize wear patterns but entire rooms look soiled. I really think more time needs to be taken, one sweep of the machine doesn't do it. And a small end table never was moved. The back of my stairs are still full of spots. I have had my carpets cleaned before and never felt so bad. But I tried this and now know to never use again. The rating is stating 5 stars won't let you change it. . I give it a 3 for the pleasant young man, just feel he needs more training and and more time to do the jobs. Not the rush. Sorry for complaining but feel it needs to be said. LH. - 06/16/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Monty and his son showed up early and introduced himself and the process of cleaning our carpet. We then walked through the house and and he explained what was needed in order to obtain the best results. We agreed on the plan and then the Shipp men proceeded to exceed mine and my wife’s expectations. Thank you Oxy Fresh. We highly recommend your service. TV. - 06/16/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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