Supporting Healthcare Workers

Feeding Those Who Fight for Us

Oxi Fresh Partnering with Local Businesses to Bring Meals to Frontline Healthcare Workers

Every single day, healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk. They are sticking to their posts and ensuring that those who fall ill to COVID-19 are getting the best possible care.

And this isn’t some minor risk for these brave workers. They too have families that depend on them, but still they go into hospitals every single day to help those who are suffering. They are true heroes and we all owe them a debt we cannot repay.

But we can help make this challenging time easier for these doctors, nurses, and other care providers. You see, with many of them being constantly on call, they don’t have time to go shopping or prepare meals.

That’s why Oxi Fresh is allocating funds from our Online Bookings and franchise sales to purchase meals for healthcare workers. We hope that these meals help those who are facing one of the greatest medical challenges of our generation.

A Word from Oxi Fresh’s President

“Now more than ever, we need to work together to fight COVID-19,” said Oxi Fresh’s president, Jonathan Barnett, “On a personal level, that means practicing social distancing and washing our hands. As a carpet cleaner, it means following strict safety steps to protect customers. As a business, it means supporting the heroes who are fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic.”

“We’ll be working with local restaurants and hospitals to arrange donations. Until this pandemic ends, Oxi Fresh will be getting quality meals to these brave, frontline healthcare workers.

We’re All in This Together

“It’s the time for all of us to support each other and show a true American spirit,” said Mr. Barnett, “a spirit of love and support for our neighbors. Let’s all do our part to help our healthcare workers and to help keep each other healthy and safe.”

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with Oxi Fresh, we encourage you to do so through our Online Scheduler. Our booking process is fast and easy and you’ll help support both and frontline healthcare workers.

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