Two men in suits looking at a computer while sitting on a stone bench. Oxi FResh has tons of great carpet cleaning media clips here!
Franchisee Testimonials – How Has Oxi Fresh Changed Your Life?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees give us their thoughts on how their Oxi Fresh franchise has changed their life. They agree that it has given them to the freedom to be their own boss and own a business they can run and take pride in.

Franchisee Testimonials – What Draws Customers to Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh Franchisee share their thoughts on what draws customers to Oxi Fresh including the quick dry times, commitment to being green, and that the process is safe for kids and pets.

Franchisee Testimonials - What's Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?
Franchisee Testimonials – What’s Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees describe their favorite thing about the Oxi Fresh brand.

Franchisee Testimonials – What Makes Oxi Fresh Different From Other Cleaners?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees share their thoughts on what makes Oxi Fresh different from other cleaners in the industry. They specifically talk about our one hour dry time, our commitment to being green, and how we care for the customer.

Franchisee Testimonials – What Advice Would You Give an Entrepreneur?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees explain why they decided to purchase an Oxi Fresh franchise and give advice to other entrepreneurs who are considering the brand.

Franchisee Testimonials – How Does Oxi Fresh Give Back?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees give their thoughts to how Oxi Fresh gives back to the community. Specifically speaking to their partnership with

2019 IGNITE National Convention Highlight Video!

Check out our amazing 2019 IGNITE Convention, and be sure to join Oxi Fresh next year!

Oxi Fresh's national convention
Journey to the Top! Highlights from Oxi Fresh’s 2018 National Convention

Oxi Fresh’s national convention is the best time to meet with Oxi Fresh franchisees and introduce them to your amazing programs!

2019 Oxi Fresh Convention – Ignite!

Get ready for Blast Off with Oxi Fresh! Join us at our 2019 Convention from January 7th – 9th for great presentations, roundtables, and networking with your fellow franchisees and vendors.

5 Key Business Lessons
Jonathan Barnett of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – 5 Key Business Lessons

Jonathan Barnett, founder of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, discusses five things he wishes someone would have told him before becoming a CEO.

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The Anon. - 05/12/2020
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Carpets dried fast and look fantastic! Oxi Fresh is my go to carpet cleaner! MK. - 05/08/2020
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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