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Character Counts: Taking a Look at the Faces Behind Oxi Fresh Cleaning Teams

When you ask a carpet cleaning company to come into your home or business, you are extending trust and have an expectation of excellence. Take a look at some of the faces behind Oxi Fresh businesses. You’ll find family-friendly people focused on building customer relationships and running strong, sound teams. With Oxi Fresh, you’re not […]

Franchisee Testimonials – What Draws Customers to Oxi Fresh?

Green products are sought after by most customers today, and Oxi Fresh delivers in this arena. Oxi Fresh not only uses safe, green ingredients, but also uses up to 90% less water than other carpet cleaners. Low water usage makes Oxi Fresh not only eco-friendly, but reduces drying time to about an hour! We care […]

Franchisee Testimonials - What's Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?
What Is Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh operates with camaraderie, not only within the business, but from cleaning team to customers as well. This community is filled with great people who believe in the Oxi Fresh product and are proud to bring it into your home. If Oxi Fresh can’t get it clean, no one can!

Franchisee Testimonials – What Makes Oxi Fresh Different From Other Cleaners?

Oxi Fresh is the greenest carpet cleaner in the world– offering clean ingredients and using very little water (which means quick dry times). Oxi Fresh technicians educate customers to understand the Oxi Fresh process and products. Gone are the days of hoses, open doors and windows, and loud machines. One quiet machine quickly and effectively […]

What Advice Would You Give An Entrepreneur?

Oxi Fresh is an effective cleaning system with stellar reviews. At Oxi Fresh, we pride ourselves on treating everyone like family– and this trickles down from our business office to our franchisees to our customers. Customers can’t believe how clean Oxi Fresh leaves their homes or businesses. We strive to bring a positive energy to […]

Franchisee Testimonials – How Does Oxi Fresh Give Back?

Giving back is important to Oxi Fresh. For every Oxi Fresh job that is booked online, we make a donation to, an international nonprofit organization. focuses on changing lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. Oxi Fresh is committed to giving back globally in this way.

A Look at Oxi Fresh Teams (2019)

Take a look at some of our Oxi Fresh franchisees together at our 2019 convention in Denver. At convention, good times are had and our franchisees work hard to grow their businesses and be the best for you, the customer!

Oxi Fresh's national convention
A Look at Oxi Fresh Teams (2018)

Oxi Fresh teams get together in Denver for an annual national convention. Take a glance as teams interact with one another and network to build businesses to be the very best. Our franchisees are diligent to keep learning new ideas to best serve you, the customer.

Oxi Fresh Annual Convention to Equip Franchisees to Best Serve the Customer (2019)

At the “Ignite” 2019 National Convention, Oxi Fresh franchisees gathered together to share ideas and improve their business models. In downtown Denver, our franchisees from all over the nation gathered to learn business practices to equip them to be the very best for you, the customer.

5 Key Business Lessons
Five Ways Oxi Fresh Strives to Be the Best: From Oxi Fresh’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Barnett

Listen as Jonathan Barnett, CEO of Oxi Fresh outlines five ways Oxi Fresh Franchises can strive to be the best in the industry. Oxi Fresh operates with a drive to move forward and grow, while maintaining organized systems to keep things running smoothly. We reward employees and want them to feel a sense of ownership. […]

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Based on 280,906 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
JH. - Novi, MI - 05/13/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MB. - Rye Brook, NY - 05/13/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Customer service was great and Brian did an outstanding job on the carpet clean, disinfectant and sealant. JK. - Pueblo, CO - 05/12/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)

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