News Outlets Highlight Oxi Fresh Entrepreneur Sonia Garg

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Two News Sites Feature Posts About Oxi Fresh’s All-Star Franchisee

Sonia Garg, an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchisee based in Kirkland, Washington, was recently featured on both and a two-page spread in the January 2023 issue of Franchising USA magazine. The former, titled “Local Mother Uses Small Business to Uplift Community,” shares Sonia’s inspiring story of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and community-oriented business. The Franchising Magazine USA piece also explores Sonia’s franchising journey as a carpet cleaning professional in Kirkland. 

Today, Sonia proudly leads her Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise in the Kirkland, Washington community. Commenting on her Kirkland carpet cleaning franchise, Sonia said, “As the owner of this business and a mother of two, I treat every house as my home. It’s important to me that our carpet cleaning process is the greenest in the world and safe for children and pets. I’m proud to serve the community with just such a system.”

Sonia’s Story

Born in India and trained as a computer engineer, Sonia worked for major software companies abroad, including Hewlett Packard and IBM, before immigrating to the United States. In the U.S., she continued her career in the software industry and soon gave birth to her first child. 

After a few months as both a new mother and full-time software engineer, while her husband traveled extensively for his own career, Sonia decided to leave the corporate world to spend more time with her budding family. As a full-time stay-at-home mom, she and her husband soon gave birth to a second child. For many years, her decision and ability to stay home seemed like a wonderful blessing. 

But after roughly ten years as a stay-at-home mom, her kids were getting older and more independent, and Sonia decided to return to the corporate world. Employers, however, questioned the long gap in her employment history. Even as a good interviewee with the skills required for the job, Sonia found herself struggling to land a suitable position. As the rejections piled up, she started to doubt the decision that had given her so many years of happiness at home with her family. Should she have ever left the software industry in the first place? 

Finding Oxi Fresh

Throughout these years, Sonia hired a professional carpet cleaner once every six months, as her daughter had a serious dust allergy and cleaning the carpets regularly offered some relief. Like many carpet cleaning customers, she was disappointed in the available services for two main reasons: it took hours for her carpets to dry, and she needed to keep her children off the carpets for hours as well because of the harsh chemicals used in the cleanings. 

These challenges led Sonia to Oxi Fresh. Oxi Fresh, she found, uses effective machines and methods and operates with professionalism and great customer service. Even more importantly, Oxi Fresh carpet cleanings are dry about one hour after the cleaning—a major improvement over the competition—and only utilize green cleaning products that are safe for children and pets. 

With these and other connections to Oxi Fresh, there seemed to be a simple solution to the challenge—a new carpet cleaning franchise in Kirkland, Washington. With this Kirkland carpet cleaning business, Sonia has taken full control of her own career and reinvigorated her work-life at a critical moment, giving her the employment and financial stability she desired while maximizing her independence as well. 

Just as important, Sonia’s Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise enables her to offer a valuable, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning service to her Kirkland community. Given her daughter’s allergies and her own challenges finding a safe, green carpet cleaner, she understands the tremendous value Oxi Fresh’s services can bring to families like hers. 

But Sonia didn’t stop there. She wanted to do everything she could to use her business as a powerful force for good within her home community. In the early days of her venture, searching for carpet cleaners in Kirkland to hire, Sonia hired a young man who was sleeping in his car and otherwise struggling in many areas of his life. She trained him, led him on a day-to-day basis until he became proficient and accountable in the job, and found him temporary housing. 

Today, he’s now steadily employed, has his own apartment, and is much more settled in life, while Sonia continues to hire other struggling individuals who could benefit from the chance to work for a good organization. To her, it’s a reflection of her commitment to the Kirkland community and her dedication to running a carpet cleaning business that has a positive impact on people as well as our planet. 

Franchising with Oxi Fresh

With our eco-friendly cleaning system and frequent contributions to the non-profit, Oxi Fresh franchisees can feel great about their business, no matter how much community-building they do on their own. Plus, we consistently satisfy our customers’ expectations with a vigorous cleaning that doesn’t pose a threat to people or pets. 

While our franchisees around the country manage and direct their franchises, our Home Office team provides a wide range of fundamentally important services and resources to support them, from a centralized Scheduling Center and business management software platform to an abundance of high-powered marketing programs and support. 

If you’re interested in learning more about franchising at Oxi Fresh, please reach out to our team at, where you can find additional information and documentation about our opportunities. 

To read more about Sonia and her Kirkland carpet cleaning franchise, please visit the original post on or the piece that appeared in Franchising Magazine USA

If you’re searching for a safe, green carpet cleaning you can trust to deliver results, count on Oxi Fresh for the job. You can schedule a cleaning anytime through our Online Scheduler or by dialing 1-877-OXIFRESH.

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