Oxi Fresh Franchisee Highlighted in Post on Local News Platform

This photo shows Will Chambers and his partner in front of an Oxi Fresh van.

Oxi Fresh’s Will Chambers of New Smyrna Beach Was Featured on Patch.com

In a post on Patch.com titled “Local Veteran Introduces Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning to New Smyrna Beach,” the author outlines the career of Oxi Fresh’s Will Chambers, from Air Force mechanic to carpet cleaning franchisee. 

After being “blown away” by our fast-drying, eco-friendly approach to cleaning carpets, Will Chambers opened an Oxi Fresh franchise in his home community of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Today, he’s proud to offer green carpet cleanings that consistently delight his customers, often exceeding their expectations to a notable degree. 

From “Military Brat” to Small Business Owner

Will grew up in a military family with a hard-working, blue collar background. After graduating from high school in Pennsylvania, he too joined the military, serving roughly four years as an Air Force mechanic. He still credits his military service for the sense of duty and responsibility he carries with him on a daily basis as a carpet cleaning franchisee, one of the numerous reasons Oxi Fresh is proud of our many veteran-owned territories. 

After leaving the Air Force and completing a brief stint at an aeronautical school in Florida, Will decided to take a job in corporate sales, hoping to earn a more satisfying living. But in all that time, he still felt the pull of his blue collar roots and the desire to perform physical work. He could feel his long-standing desire to own his own business growing as well. 

So he took a leap, launching his own cleaning business in the local area and mostly serving real estate agents and builders. Through this business, he performed a wide range of jobs, but one particular type of service stood out to him as being especially satisfying: carpet cleaning.

In light of that, he took the time to explore a wide range of franchising opportunities that would let him pursue his dream of owning a business, working with his hands, and cleaning carpets. But so many of the major carpet cleaning franchisors had disappointing offerings, and his discussions with existing franchisees left him with a lot of doubts about each of those opportunities. 

It wasn’t until he found Oxi Fresh, which uses an innovative, eco-friendly approach to clean carpets, that he found the right match. Oxi Fresh seemed like a great cultural fit, filled with satisfied people who spoke positively about the company, and Will was impressed with our powerful green cleaning system. 

Launching a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Will took another leap of faith in 2022, launching an Oxi Fresh franchise in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. And if you ask Will, there’s lots to love about Oxi Fresh’s modern methods and approach to franchising. 

While he finds the act of carpet cleaning inherently “therapeutic,” he also loves the instant gratification and satisfaction that comes with a carpet cleaning job well-done. With Oxi Fresh’s system, he’s able to deliver eco-friendly carpet cleanings that dry fast and satisfy or exceed his customers’ expectations, and he’s thrilled to have the chance to please customers on a daily basis. Plus, Will feels a sense of satisfaction in owning and operating his own business—for him, a dream fulfilled. 

In short, Will seems very pleased with his Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise. If you’re interested in learning more about franchising at Oxi Fresh, check out our franchising website at www.oxifreshfranchise.com.

Oxi Fresh’s Green Carpet Cleaning System

The next time you need a carpet cleaning, you should give Oxi Fresh’s modern methods and convenient approach a try. Our unique system helps us offer satisfying cleaning results for our customers, as evidenced by our brand’s impressive collection of customer reviews.

With any Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning, you can count on the following major benefits:

  • Eco-friendly: our carpet cleanings rely on eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents, energy-efficient machines, and water-conserving methods.
  • Fast-drying: the carpets we clean are dry just about one hour after we’re done.
  • World-class results: our proven techniques and powerful products and machines deliver consistently high-quality results.
  • Great customer service: from start to finish, you can expect industry-leading customer service from the Oxi Fresh team.
  • Charitable giving: anytime someone like you books a cleaning through our Online Scheduler, we make a donation to Water.org, a global charity fighting to expand access to safe water and sanitation.

To schedule a top-quality green carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh today, visit our Online Scheduler or give us a call directly at 1-877-OXIFRESH. 

You can read more about Will Chambers and his franchising journey on Patch.com.

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