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Your floor really has a tough life. What with people tracking in dirt and dust, friends spilling, pets having accidents, it’s clear that life as a carpet is hardly enviable. Unfortunately, most TN carpet cleaning companies aren’t sweeting the deal.

Picking a Tennessee Carpet Cleaning

It’s not that regular Tennessee carpet cleanings are bad, as a matter of fact they’re a necessity. Having a professional TN carpet cleaner out about every six months can extend of the life of your carpet by years. The problem is that many Tennessee carpet cleaners are using out of date methods.

Most Tennessee carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaning. They pump 30 to 60 gallons of water into your carpet and then to try to suck it all up. After a Tennessee carpet cleaning like that, you’ll usually be waiting 12 to 36 hours for your carpet to dry.

Besides being inconvenient, that long Tennessee carpet cleaning dry time can also cause more problems. Namely, all that water means your chances of getting wickback, mold or mildew are greatly increased. So if your goal was to solve your floor problems with a Tennessee carpet cleaning, but you end up dealing with all those new challenges, maybe it’s time to move away from steam cleaning.

A Modern Tennessee Carpet Cleaning Company

But what is there besides steam? Doesn’t every Tennessee carpet cleaning business out there use it? Well, there is at least one company that doesn’t – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Tennessee. Instead of steam, they have a revolutionary low moisture cleaning system.

Their system uses powerful, green cleaning solution and a unique Tennessee carpet cleaning machine. Together, they get exceptional results. The solution simultaneously breaks apart debris and captures it in microscopic crystals. The Tennessee carpet cleaning machine’s dual, counter-rotating brushes then reach deep into the carpet pile, capturing dirt and debris and lifting it up and out of the carpet.

The result is exceptional. Pet stains, high traffic areas, oils, dirt – they can all come up with Oxi Fresh. After Oxi Fresh’s Tennessee carpet cleaning services, your floors will look, smell, and feel fresh again. What’s more, the carpets should be dry about an hour after the Tennessee carpet cleaning is done.

Setting Up Your Tennessee Carpet Cleaning

A fast drying, powerful, green carpet cleaning is out there, ready for your home. So when the carpet is ready, when the dirt becomes too much, just call Oxi Fresh or use our handy Online Scheduler to book your appointment and get some great Tennessee carpet cleaning coupons! We look forward to making your carpets look and feel years younger!

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Andy was great, explained the process and did a very nice job! MA. - Bethel Park, PA - 02/05/2023
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I’ve used your service over 10 times, and I’ve been pleased with the work. MR. - Charlotte, NC - 02/05/2023
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