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Spring Hill, TN - Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Near Spring Hill

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer exceptional carpet cleaning services to the Spring Hill community, serving valued customers like yourself with one of the most effective and efficient services on the market today. 

Our innovative, eco-friendly approach ensures your carpets are left looking and feeling fresh, without the use of harsh chemicals. In fact, we only use eco-friendly, non-toxic products and similarly eco-friendly equipment and processes, making our carpet cleanings one of the greenest options around.

As such, you can trust the team at Oxi Fresh to deliver fast-drying, efficient Spring Hill carpet cleanings that will leave your home or business much cleaner and healthier than it is today.

Ready to book your Spring Hill carpet cleaning now? Either use our convenient Online Scheduler or give us a call at 931-451-8220 today!

Oxi Fresh's Green Carpet Cleaning Revolution

We’re proud of the difference our unique, green carpet cleaning process makes for our customers’ floors. Our system effectively removes dirt, soil, and grime from your carpets while keeping your family and the environment safe. Here's a step-by-step look at our routine carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet Inspection: We inspect your carpets to identify problem areas and determine the best approach.
  • Enzyme-Based Pretreatment: We apply a powerful enzyme-based pretreatment to the most soiled areas, then let it dwell.
  • Oxi Fresh Cleaning Solutions: Our core cleaning solutions, including an oxygen-powered booster and an encapsulating agent, are applied to the entire carpet.
  • OF1000 Carpet Cleaning Machine: We use the innovative OF1000 carpet cleaning machine to agitate the carpet fibers, lifting dirt and extracting soil from deep in the carpet pile.
  • Vacuuming: With the primary cleaning completed, we thoroughly vacuum your carpets, extracting any lingering soil.
  • Grooming: Finally, we groom your carpets, leaving them looking their best and ensuring a quick drying time.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.8 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 37 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
LS. - Spring Hill, TN - 06/05/2023
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
Dries quickly, friendly employees. When I called with a concern, they were quick to respond with a solution. JS. - Spring Hill, TN - 01/18/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
I bought a package that supposed to include touch up cleaning but I have not been contacted or was sent the details to know when to schedule. ML. - Spring Hill, TN - 12/31/2021
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
Brandon Emrick

Meet Brandon Emrick


At the helm of Oxi Fresh's Spring Hill carpet cleaning service is Brandon Emrick, a dedicated professional committed to providing some of the best possible carpet cleaning experiences for customers in the area. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Brandon Emrick is one of the top carpet cleaning experts in the Spring Hill community.

Companies That Give Back in Spring Hill

Oxi Fresh is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact in the Spring Hill area. We demonstrate our commitment to the environment and social responsibility through our eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods and our active support of Here's how Oxi Fresh stands out as a sustainable and responsible company:

  • Water Conservation: Our low-moisture cleaning process uses 95% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods, saving an abundance of water every year in the Spring Hill area alone.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our cleaning equipment is energy-efficient, reducing our carbon footprint and conserving valuable resources.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Our carpet cleaning solutions are green and safe for kids, pets, and the environment.
  • Support for For every appointment booked through our Online Scheduler, we donate to, a global non-profit that helps families around the world gain access to safe water and sanitation.

Experience the Oxi Fresh difference and see firsthand how our green carpet cleaning solutions can transform your home!

If you’re ready, please schedule your Spring Hill carpet cleaning appointment through our Online Scheduler, or give us a call at 931-451-8220 whenever you have a moment to connect.

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