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Danville, KY - Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Nobody likes a dirty carpet, including your employees and customers. When you find yourself in need of a Danville commercial carpet cleaner, consider Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning!

Oxi Fresh is rapidly changing the game in carpet cleaning and bringing the world cutting-edge new ways to keep their floors clean. We’re showing businesses like yours that getting your carpets cleaned doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. 

Thousands of businesses across the world are loving what we have to offer, and we’ve already expanded to over 700 locations with more opening every month!

Other Danville commercial carpet cleaners use awful old-school cleaning methods like steam cleaning, soaking your floors and leaving them unusable for up to 24 hours. Oxi Fresh has brand new practices that can get your floors clean and dry in as little as an hour.

Give us a call today at 859-965-9926 or use our Online Scheduler to book an appointment!

Our Process

What makes Oxi Fresh so different from all the other Danville commercial carpet cleaners?

Exceptional Prices

The most important thing to you, as a business owner, is your bottom line. Sure customer satisfaction is important, and maybe you love your job, but if you’re not making money then nothing else matters. That’s why we’re proud to offer you some of the best rates in the industry, so you can improve your bottom line and keep doing what you do best.

Maintenance Programs

If your business gets a lot of heavy foot traffic, you may need recurring cleanings on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis. Oxi Fresh can set you up on a schedule that makes sense for your specific needs.


While other Danville commercial carpet cleaners make their money and trash the environment in the process, we’re dedicated to making the world a better place while we work.

Oxi Fresh has invested countless hours and dollars into developing ecologically sound processes and cleaning solutions. We’ve even earned a reputation as The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®.

We use 95% less water than the competition, and we use less electricity and emit fewer carbon emissions too. Our cleaning solutions are all eco-friendly and safe to use around children and animals, and our core cleaning solution has even received the Safer Choice designation from the Environmental Protection Agency!

Fast Drying

One of the biggest deterrents people face when considering a carpet cleaning is the 24-hour dry time that they’ve come to expect. Fortunately, that’s not the only way. 

Soaking wet carpets is the way of the past, and it’s unfortunate and completely unnecessary that most carpet-cleaning companies still operate that way.

We use 95% less water than the competition, which means your floors will be dry in as little as an hour after our visit! 

Tate Spivey

Meet Tate Spivey


Tate Spivey is a business owner himself, so he knows all too well the struggles of keeping up with maintenance while staying under budget. That’s why he works so hard to provide exceptional service that’s both convenient and affordable. You can trust Tate to give you the best service possible.

Our Time-Tested Cleaning Process

Twenty years ago we set out to design a cleaning process that would guarantee exceptional results time and time again, without fail. Twenty years later, this system has stood the test of time and brought in tens of thousands of five-star reviews. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: To begin your cleaning, the technician will first inspect the floor to look for particularly dirty areas and any damaged areas. We’ll be extra careful with the damaged areas and deal with your filthiest spaces in step two.

Step 2: Now our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution is applied to those extra dirty areas, which attacks the grime on the molecular level.

Step 3: Then, our core cleaning solution is applied across your entire floor. This two-part solution contains an oxygenated booster that dissolves grime, and an encapsulator that traps dirt in tiny sodium crystals so it can’t reattach to the carpet fibers.

Step 4: Our technician will then break out our patented OF1000 carpet-cleaning machine to thoroughly scrub your carpet with dual, counter-rotating brushes.

Step 5: To wrap up the cleaning, your technician will vacuum and groom your carpet for a beautiful finish.

Are you ready to give your employees and customers the beautiful carpets they deserve? Remember, it’s not just a floor, it’s a representation of your entire operation, and it’s one of the first things a person sees and associates with you.

Give us a call at 859-965-9926 today and make us your Danville commercial carpet cleaner!

Our Additional Services

Carpet cleaning may be in our name, but it’s not our only service. We also proudly offer upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning! We can clean up your whole operation in one visit.

Give us a call for all your cleaning needs. Just dial 859-965-9926 or use our Online Scheduler to make us your Danville commercial carpet cleaner today!

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