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There are a lot of reasons to love Kentucky. It has a rich, natural beauty, with thick pastures of bluegrass, monumental caves, and meandering rivers. Then there are its powerful thoroughbreds, great music, and wonderful towns. Kentucky’s a great place to live.

Carpet Cleaning in Kentucky

And as long as people live in the Bluegrass State, they’ll need Kentucky carpet cleanings. After all, there’s really Then the question is, which Kentucky carpet cleaning company do you choose? There are a lot of cleaners out there, with competing offers for Kentucky carpet cleaning, but those fall by the wayside once you hear the reasons to choose Oxi Fresh.

Your KY Carpet Cleaners

To begin, our Kentucky carpet cleaning technicians use green carpet cleaning solutions, specially designed and tested for Oxi Fresh. These powerful, but safe, Kentucky carpet cleaning solutions are actually a combination of an encapsulator and oxygen booster. They break up the dirt and stains in the carpet and then form microscopic crystals around the debris.

Another great thing about our Kentucky carpet cleaning is the machine. This revolutionary piece of Kentucky carpet cleaning equipment has dual, counter-rotating brushes that scrub upwards and inwards. This brush movement reaches deep into the carpet pile to lift dirt and stains up and out of the carpet. This cleaning machine leaves carpets upright and scrubbed from pile to tip!

One of the best things about our Kentucky carpet cleaning, though, is the dry time. The powerful nature of our cleaning solutions and our deep reaching machine means we can clean your carpets with very little water. That allows them to dry fast – often in about one hour!

Scheduling a KY Carpet Cleaning

So when it comes time for your Kentucky carpet cleaning, give Oxi Fresh a call. Our fast drying, green system will leave your carpets looking and feeling fresh. To book your Kentucky carpet cleaning, call the friendly Scheduling Center or use our handy Online Scheduler (you’ll also get some great Kentucky carpet cleaning coupons that way!)

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A very personable representative in the gig harbor area. We appreciated the call that he was leaving for our house. The carpets look great!! TH. - Gig Harbor, WA - 07/04/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Technician was very friendly and helpful. He took his time to make sure he did a great job which truly appreciate. Everything looks and smells wonderful! SA. - Kansas City, MO - 07/04/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Could not do oriental rugs even though sales assured me they could be cleaned. Rug that was cleaned still had offending odor afterwards. Could not tell any real difference other than it was much less soft after cleaning. Found the quality to be no better than commercially available products. TS. - Spring, TX - 07/04/2019
(0.0 Out of 5 stars)

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