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Frankfort, KY - Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Near Frankfort

Welcome to Oxi Fresh’s home for our exceptional carpet cleaning services in beautiful Frankfort, Kentucky! We’re now proud to serve as your local, trusted solution to the daily dirt, spills, and grime that diminish the brilliance of your home’s or office’s carpets.

Oxi Fresh not only uses innovative cleaning methods but also employs eco-friendly solutions, ensuring impeccably clean carpets and a safe, secure environment for both your family and pets. Residents of Frankfort deserve nothing but the best, and Oxi Fresh's commitment to this principle is evident in every job.

Our aim? To ensure that every strand of your carpet beams with freshness, rejuvenating your living space and offering a pristine and satisfying experience. If your carpets need some love, use Oxi Fresh’s Online Scheduler or dial 502-803-9090 to arrange your next Frankfort carpet cleaning appointment today.

A Revolution in Frankfort Carpet Cleaning: The Oxi Fresh Way

There's an unparalleled magic woven into each Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning session. Here's our distinct process:

Inspection: Every carpet is unique. We begin by meticulously inspecting your carpet to pinpoint its precise needs and challenges.

Enzyme-Based Pretreatment: The most heavily soiled areas are treated with a potent enzyme solution, targeting and breaking down stubborn dirt with ease.

Oxi Fresh Cleaning Solutions: Our specialized cleaning agents, featuring a powerful oxygenated booster and an effective encapsulator, are applied meticulously across the entire carpet, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning.

OF1000 Cleaning Machine: This technologically advanced machine delicately agitates the carpet fibers,  while extracting broken-down dirt and deep-seated contaminants.

Vacuum: Post-cleaning, the carpet undergoes a comprehensive vacuuming to remove any lingering dirt particles.

Grooming: A final touch, not just for aesthetics but also to make your carpet feel and appear remarkable. This step realigns and fluffs up the fibers.

What Customers Are Saying

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Based on 2 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
JC. - Frankfort, KY - 03/30/2024
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KE. - Frankfort, KY - 03/29/2024
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Tate Spivey

Meet Tate Spivey


Introducing Tate Spivey: Frankfort's very own Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning champion. With an unwavering commitment to quality, a dedication to achieving top-notch customer satisfaction, and a keen eye for detail, Tate has positioned himself as one of the paramount carpet cleaning professionals in the entire Frankfort region. Day in and day out, he and his talented team work diligently to ensure every Frankfort carpet cleaning service not only meets but often surpasses clients' expectations.

Companies That Give Back in Frankfort

Oxi Fresh's mission extends beyond mere carpet cleaning; it's a pledge to make genuine societal contributions. Here's our broader vision:

  • Partnership: For each appointment scheduled online, we proudly make a contribution to This esteemed global nonprofit has empowered countless lives by providing access to safe water and sanitation.
  • Green Carpet Cleaning: Our green cleaning solutions ensure minimal water usage and significantly reduced water waste. This approach not only conserves valuable water resources but also shortens the drying time for your carpets, often to a mere hour!
  • Energy-Efficient Operations: Unlike many others, our equipment operates without the need for power from pollution-producing trucks, championing energy efficiency and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Frankfort residents can swell with pride knowing that, by choosing Oxi Fresh, they're not only going to receive pristine carpets but are also making an impactful contribution towards a greener planet and a more promising future for all. Be part of this remarkable change and gift your carpets the Oxi Fresh treatment. Schedule an appointment now through our Online Scheduler, or give us a ring at 502-803-9090.

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