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Danville Steam Cleaning


Danville Steam Cleaning

People try their hardest to keep their floors clean, but eventually everybody needs carpet cleaning. When that time comes for you, don’t turn to old-fashioned Danville steam cleaning, give Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a call!

We offer a modern, convenient alternative to steam cleaning that’s quickly running that old practice out of town. We get incredible results while offering affordable prices and unbelievable service. 

Steam cleaning and carpet cleaning used to be synonymous, but steam cleaning is now very outdated, extremely inconvenient, and severely underwhelming.

Have you been thinking about hiring a Danville steam cleaning company? Give Oxi Fresh’s convenient Scheduling Center a call at 859-965-9926, or try our Online Scheduler to try out a far better alternative!

The Pitfalls of Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning has countless negatives that many people have unnecessarily accepted as the price of clean carpets. The reality is, Danville steam cleaning is way out of date and nothing compared to what we have to offer.

Steam cleaning companies soak your carpet, often all the way through to the pads. This causes ridiculously long drying times, your carpet pads can even mold over, and wickback is always a possibility.

Wickback occurs when your carpets are oversaturated and the extra water pushes dirt and grime from the carpet into the pads. As the carpets dries, the dirty water from the pads will be sucked back to the surface of the carpet. 

Don’t even get us started on how much water that Danville steam cleaning uses. Steam cleaners have a terrible impact on the environment, but Oxi Fresh uses 95% less water than they do. You can feel good that choosing us will be the most eco-friendly option.

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Tate Spivey

Meet Tate Spivey


Tate Spivey has a passion for his job that cannot be matched. He wants to provide you with beautiful carpets and great service at affordable prices. When you call Tate, you can trust that you’ll have an incredible experience from start to finish.

How We Beat Steam Cleaning

Oxi Fresh has proven time and time again that we’re light years ahead of Danville steam cleaning, but how do we provide such incredible cleanings?

  1. Each and every cleaning starts with an inspection, where your technician will search for particularly soiled areas that need additional attention, and for damaged areas we’ll need to be extra careful with.
  2. Our pretreatment solution will then be applied to the most exceptionally soiled areas on your floor. The pretreatment is powered by enzymes to attack grime on the molecular level.
  3. Next, Oxi Fresh’s core cleaning solution will be applied to your floor. This solution contains both an oxygenated booster that dissolves grime, and an encapsulator that traps it in microcrystals for easier removal.
  4. The technician will then use our OF1000 carpet-cleaning machine to scrub your floor with powerful counter-rotating brushes.
  5. Finally, your floors will be vacuumed and groomed for a beautiful finish.

Other Additional Services 

Most Danville steam cleaning companies only offer carpet cleaning, but Oxi Fresh can take care of all of your household cleaning in a single visit. 

We would love nothing more than to take care of your hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning too! Just give us a call at 859-965-9926 or try out our Online Scheduler to get your whole home looking incredible.

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