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Fullerton, CA - Steam Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning and Fullerton Steam Cleaning

When people search for a carpet cleaning professional, some of them still consider outdated and inconvenient methods like steam cleaning (also known as “hot water extraction”) within their search. In fact, some people may think that Fullerton steam cleanings are the best or even the only option available to them.

Thankfully, now that Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is open for business in Fullerton, you’ll never need to resort to another steam cleaning ever again. That’s because Oxi Fresh uses a highly convenient low-moisture method, leaving your carpets beautifully cleaned and dry just about one hour after we’re done. 

So if you’re tired of waiting hours and hours for your Fullerton steam cleaning to dry and would rather try Oxi Fresh’s more modern and convenient methods, we can’t wait to show you the amazing work we can do.

To book a better carpet cleaning and leave Fullerton steam cleanings behind you for good, please visit our Online Scheduler or give us a call directly at 714-253-5555. 

Our Innovative Approach

Fullerton’s steam cleaning providers are using the same old-school techniques they’ve been using for ages. In contrast, Oxi Fresh’s cleanings rely on cutting-edge innovations in carpet cleaning, enabling us to produce consistently excellent results while dramatically enhancing the ease and convenience of getting your carpets cleaned.

For routine carpet cleanings, our core techniques are as follows:

  • To begin, we examine the carpet we’re going to clean.
  • We then spray the dirtiest parts of the carpet with an enzyme-based cleaning solution, then let this solution dwell to fully take effect.
  • Next, we spray our two core cleaning solutions, an encapsulator and an oxygen-powered booster, onto the entire carpet.
  • In this step, we use our powerful cleaning machine, the OF1000, to clean the carpet, extracting broken down and encapsulated grime from the very depths of the carpet fibers.
  • To wrap up the cleaning and leave you with professionally finished floors, we vacuum and groom your carpet.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.6 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 94 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Cleaning Services and Customer Service CM. - Fullerton, CA - 07/04/2024
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Thank you! Carpets came out great! TM. - Fullerton, CA - 04/15/2024
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PS. - Fullerton, CA - 01/16/2024
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Kristoffer Barcarse

Meet Kristoffer Barcarse


When you’re choosing a carpet cleaning professional, you should choose someone skilled, experienced, and capable of providing top-notch service. In the Fullerton community, Kristoffer Barcarse employs Oxi Fresh’s modern methods, offering the area an exceptional alternative to the local steam cleaning providers.

Superior Results with Oxi Fresh

In case you’re still not convinced that Fullerton steam cleaning wouldn’t be the best option available for your carpets, here are a few of the major differences between conventional steam cleaning and the Oxi Fresh approach:

  • Our process is more convenient and pleasant than steam cleaning, not requiring any long hoses to be dragged through your home or noisy, truck-mounted generators to pollute your neighborhood.
  • The carpets we clean are dry about one hour later, not 12-24 hours later—that’s because we use about 95% less water than your typical steam cleaning.
  • Beyond saving water, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products and energy-efficient, outlet-powered cleaning machines.
  • Whenever a customer books a cleaning through our Online Scheduler, we make a donation to

Plus, the carpets we work on generally end up more thoroughly and effectively cleaned than they’d be after a steam cleaning. For instance, Fullerton steam cleanings often generate wick back, a process wherein stains that you initially thought they had removed slowly reappear in the carpet over time. 

While this isn’t a full accounting of Oxi Fresh’s superior advantages over Fullerton steam cleaners, we hope you get the message and trust our modern and innovative approach for all your future carpet cleaning needs.

Whenever you’re ready to give us a try and schedule a cleaning, please check out our Online Scheduler tool or give us a call at 714-253-5555.

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