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California is a wonderfully strange state, with it’s incredibly diverse landscape, numerous unique cities, and a culture all its own. With everything from titan trees to the heart of the entertainment world, from Death Valley to the Gold Rush, California is certainly a fascinating state.

Flexible California Carpet Cleaning

It’s also a pretty big state with a many different kinds of climates. Consequently, California carpet cleaning companies have to be able to handle any situation. One customer may have carpets where mud is a regular problem, but the next appointment is for a carpet full of dust and grit. Whatever the situation, a good California carpet cleaning technician won’t bat an eye, and Oxi Fresh has that kind of California carpet cleaner.

A California Carpet Cleaning Company for All Seasons

Oxi Fresh’s California carpet cleaning technicians are consummate professionals who will make dirty carpets look and feel fresh. How do they do it, though? What is it about Oxi Fresh’s California carpet cleaning services that makes it effective in any situation? Rather than relying on traditional California carpet cleaning methods, Oxi Fresh employs a revolutionary new carpet cleaning system that leverages the power of oxygen.

We begin our California carpet cleaning by spraying the carpets with an oxygen booster/encapsulator mix that breaks up stains and makes them easy to remove. We then go over the carpets with our machine that lifts the dirt and stains up and out of the carpet using dual, counter-rotating brushes. This machine reaches into the carpet pile to provide a truly deep California carpet cleaning that will leave the carpet feeling fresh and allow them to dry in about one hour.

Green Carpet Cleaning in California

While performing California carpet cleanings, we want to make carpets feel new, but we want to use methods that are safe for the environment. That’s why we have our California carpet cleaning solutions specially designed and rigorously tested so that we know they are safe for pets, people, and the planet.

Our California carpet cleaning method also conserves water and energy. Rather than having to use 30-40 gallons of water to clean a home – like some traditional cleaners – our California carpet cleaning technicians only need 2 gallons. What’s more, since we’re not pumping lots of water, we don’t have to keep our vehicles on to power the equipment, thus preventing unnecessary energy waste.

Oxi Fresh and Your CA Carpet Cleaning

So what do you want in your California carpet cleaning company? Cleaners who can help you out no matter the situation? Professionals using a revolutionary method that leaves your carpets dry, soft, and clean? California carpet cleaning methods which are safe for you and the environment? If you said yes to these questions, you want Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

In order to book your California carpet cleaning, use the Franchise Finder below to find carpet cleaning coupons and the number to call! You can also use the list below to find out more about our California locations.

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