How To Remove Ink from Carpets

Ink is known for being pretty darn permanent. When it gets on clothes, sometimes it’s just easier to get a new shirt. When it gets on carpets, though, you can’t just throw out your floor.

Thankfully, we’ve got a tip here that can help handle the spot. Keep in mind that ink is tough, so this method may only lighten it. Still, it never hurts to try – and if you can’t tackle it at home, Oxi Fresh’s stain removal experts are just a call away.

Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need
– Clean Towel
– Vinegar
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Shaving Cream
– Gloves
– Spoon

Let’s Get Cleaning
Step 1
As with all stains, the first thing to do is blot up as much of the spot as possible with a clean towel.

Work from the outside edge toward the middle of the spot. Make sure you frequently switch to different parts of the towel so you don’t accidentally spread the spot around.

Step 2
Dampen a towel with rubbing alcohol (make sure you wear gloves) and gently blot the spot. Remember – don’t scrub! Just dab at it and frequently shift to different parts of the towel.*

Step 3
Once no more of the ink comes up, let the spot dwell for 30 minutes, gently blotting it every few minutes with a towel moistened with rubbing alcohol. This will keep it from drying up.

Step 4
After the 30 minutes has passed, we need to remove the residual alcohol in the carpet. Mix vinegar and warm water together at a 1:16 ration and thoroughly blot the area. It’s better to oversaturate here as you’re trying to rinse the carpet. Once you’re done, blot the area dry.*

Step 5
After the vinegar and water, you’re going to thoroughly blot the area with a towel dampened with just warm water. Again, get the area pretty wet and then blot it dry.

Step 6
If any of the ink remains, apply shaving cream to the spot, gently work it in with a gloved hand, and let it sit there for 15.*

Step 7
Use a spoon and scoop up the shaving cream.

Step 8
Repeat Step 4 and Step 5, treating the area with the vinegar-water and then the normal water.

*Using cleaning solutions not explicitly designed for carpets always comes with a risk of color loss or damage. Always test your products on an inconspicuous part of the carpet to check for these problems before you start treating the spot itself.

Hopefully the ink has faded or even disappeared and the carpets look nice and clean again. Remember, though, that Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here for you. If the ink is being stubborn or it’s all just too much of hassle, we can come round and rescue your carpet.

To book a carpet cleaning, use our handy Online Scheduler or give us a call.

Thanks to WikiHow for the great tips on removing ink from carpets!

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