Getting Ink Stains Out of Clothes

Depending on where you are, school is back in session or will be soon. That means kids will be using lots of school supplies, which means those supplies can end up as stains.

Let’s look at how to get ink stains out of clothes. We’ve got two methods: one for fresh ink stains and one for old ink stains.

Fresh Ink Stains

Grab Some:
– Clean, White Towels
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Rubber Gloves

Step 1
Like with any fresh stain, blot up as much of the fresh ink as possible. First, put a towel underneath the spot so that the stained cloth doesn’t touch any other part of the garment.

Then use a clean towel and blot around the outside edge towards the center of the spot, frequently switching to clean parts of the towel as you go. Don’t scrub the spot as that can spread the ink around. Just blot.

Step 2
Once you can’t get out any more ink, run hot water through the back of the stain. This will force out more of the ink.

Step 3*
Put a clean towel behind the spot (like it Step 1), put on the rubber gloves, and then dampen a clean rag with rubbing alcohol. Make sure the towel is white, as rubbing alcohol can loosen dyes.

Blot the spot from the outside edge towards the center, frequently switching to clean parts of the towel as you go.

Step 4
Once no more ink is coming up, toss the garment in the laundry and wash it on the highest heat recommended for it. Try to wash the piece alone.

Step 5
If the spot remains after that, try the Old Ink Stains Method.

Old Ink Stains

Grab Some
– Clean, White Towels
– Glycerin
– Liquid Dish Detergent (Colorless)
– Rubber Gloves

Step 1
Try the Fresh Ink Stain method.

Step 2
Mix one teaspoon of the liquid dish detergent with one tablespoon of the glycerin in a small bowl.

Step 3*
Put on the rubber gloves, dampen a cloth in the mixture, and blot both sides of the spot. Switch to new parts of the towel as you go. After five minutes, blot the area again with pure glycerin.

Step 4
After ten minutes, throw the garment in the laundry and wash it on the highest heat recommended for it. Try to wash the piece alone so none of the ink gets transferred onto other clothes.

Step 5
After washing – and before drying – check the clothes for any remaining ink. If you spot any, repeat this process again.

We hope these ink stain tips help you out! Thanks to for the great information!

If you’re struggling with ink stains in your carpet, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to help! We offer specialized cleanings designed to tackle these stubborn spots – just ask about our Spotting Kit.

* Rubbing Alcohol and Glycerin are strong cleaning products. Before using them on the spot, test them on a small, inconspicuous part of the garment to make sure it won’t cause color-loss or color bleeding.

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