Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Every four years we get an extra day in our calendars, and we here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® thought we’d celebrate. Unfortunately, we couldn’t think of much to do since everyone shot down my idea about parachuting. After that, we settled on having a little award ceremony to celebrate all things leaping.

So without further ado, Oxi Fresh® Carpet Cleaning’s Quadrennial Leap Day Awards.

#5 – Lifetime Achievement Award – Legs

Let’s stand up and give a round of applause to the things that you just stood up on. Legs have been leading the leaping industry for time immemorial. Without them we couldn’t jump rope, vault poles, or hop scotch. Of course, it’s not just humans who are grateful. As a matter of fact, our animal friends are even more in debt to legs, since they seem to have more of them.

Legs, we salute you with this video of a graceful cat jumping into a box.

#4 – Explosions

Let’s get knocked back off our feet by the fourth winner of Oxi Fresh’s Quadrennial Leap Day Awards – Explosions. It’s hard to explain just how boring life would be without explosions and the stunt performers being propelled by or through them, so we won’t bother. Instead, we’ll post some awesome pictures with some sound effects.

#3 – George Nissen and Larry Griswold

Who are these two guys? None other than the inventors of the trampoline. Back in 1936, they created the modern trampoline which has bounced its way into the hearts of people everywhere. While low ceilings at our carpet cleaning headquarters prevent us from properly honoring their achievement, we wanted to award them nonetheless. Consequently, foxes on a trampoline:

#2 – The Dangerous Sports Club

The 2nd place award goes to the Dangerous Sports Club. In the 70’s in Oxford, a group of students – perhaps having looked a rugby and denounced it as “safe” – created a club devoted to creating and participating in sports that would make sane people cringe. They invented modern bungee jumping, were pioneers of the art of zorbing, and did some hang-gliding.

Off of volcanoes.

Active volcanoes.

So for creating new and unique ways to leap, here’s the second place award and directions to the nearest ER.

#1 – Physics

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s final award goes to Physics, without which all of the above would not have happened and, more importantly, Leap Day wouldn’t exist. It’s to Physics we owe the jump, the explosion, the bounce, the bound, and  just about everything. Oh, also the rotation of the earth being about 365.26 solar days, thus forcing calendar makers to give us a Leap Day.

Physics is quite the show-off, isn’t it?


Oxi Fresh is a green carpet cleaning company committed to providing customers with a modern option. Rather than soaking your carpet, Oxi Fresh uses a low moisture, oxygen powered carpet cleaning method that gets rid of spots, dirt, and high traffic areas with ease. To contact your local Oxi Fresh carpet cleaner, follow this link. You can also read more about starting your own carpet cleaning franchise.
Oxi Fresh – The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®
Thanks to listsoplenty.com, wikipedia.org, jalopnik.com, funny-potato.com, popmatters.com, and snowboarding.transworld.net.

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