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Redmond Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Redmond Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Businesses need to have clean carpets because no one wants a customer to see a dirty one. This can make customers squeamish about doing business and that can ruin a business’s reputation. With Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as your Redmond commercial carpet cleaner, there’s nothing to worry about. Your carpets will be clean. 

Oxi Fresh knows that you work hard as a business owner, and we want to help you succeed. Don’t waste money or labor trying to clean carpets on your own, DIY products simply can’t hold a candle to our effectiveness. Let Oxi Fresh take care of your carpets so you can get back to helping your customers. 

Having a Redmond commercial carpet cleaner you can trust is vital. Don’t run the risk of having a dirty carpet, let Oxi Fresh help you today. Call our Scheduling Center at 425-448-5244 or use our Online Scheduler and set up your appointment. 

The Oxi Fresh Advantage 

There are a number of reasons why Oxi Fresh is your best choice for carpet cleaning. Here are a few that keep customers coming back for more. 

Maintenance Programs 

Don’t risk forgetting an appointment, set up a maintenance program with us. You won’t have to make appointments, just establish how often you want us to clean and when you want us to get it done. We will show up and take care of the cleaning like clockwork. 

Affordable Prices 

Oxi Fresh never lets the competition out of our sights. We know what they are offering and we know that we can give you a better deal. Carpet cleaning shouldn’t break the bank. 

Eco Friendly 

You can feel good about having Oxi Fresh clean for you. We use less water, less electricity, and safer solutions than our competition does. If you care about the planet then you’ll be happy to know that we do too. 

Quick Drying

Since we use 95% less water than our competition, so our carpets dry in around one hour. Compare that to 12-24 hours for steam cleaning.

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Sonia Garg

Meet Sonia Garg


Sonia Garg is ready to get the cleaning done for you. She and her team are the best commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond. They are ready to show you the power of an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning. Just wait until you see what they can do and how much nicer your carpets will look.

How We Clean Carpet

To get the results we promise, Oxi Fresh has developed a five-step process. We make sure to not miss a single thing when you choose us as your Redmond commercial carpet cleaners.

Step 1 

We begin with an examination of the carpet, finding out where dirt and grime are building up. If we notice any damage, we’ll make note of it and let you know so we’re all on the same page. 

Step 2 

Our pretreatment solution is then used. This enzyme-powered solution breaks down even the thickest layers of grime on contact. 

Step 3

Our core cleaning solution is an amazing product which simultaneously uses an oxygenated booster to dissolve dirt and grime while encapsulating debris and grit in microcrystals. 

Step 4 

The technician will now break out the OF1000, a carpet-cleaning machine with dual, counter-rotating brush heads. This will make sure that even hidden dirt and grime gets removed from the carpet. 

Step 5

With cleaning over, we can groom and vacuum the carpet, leaving it with a professional, pristine finish that you’re sure to notice. 

Residential Cleaning Services

Oxi Fresh is more than just a Redmond commercial carpet cleaner. We are also able to perform tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning. No job is too big or too dirty for our highly trained technicians. 

Call our Scheduling Center at 425-448-5244 and set up your appointment today.

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