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Redmond Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Redmond Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors can be a great choice for anyone who wants beautiful, open floors. Once they get dirty, however, you’re in for a big surprise. Let Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning take care of your Redmond hardwood floor cleaning. You don’t want your hardwood to become an eyesore that drags down your whole house. 

Dark spots, smudge marks, and discolorations all come with the territory when hardwood gets dirty. Instead of stripping the top layers of wood and making a huge mess, Oxi Fresh uses modern solutions that break down the dirt and grime. Let us handle the hardwood floors in your home. 

If you’re ready for a Redmond hardwood floor cleaning you can depend on, Oxi Fresh is here to help. Call our Scheduling Center at 425-448-5244 and set up your appointment with us today. 

How We Clean 

Oxi Fresh cleans using a five-step process we have spent decades perfecting. 

Step 1 

We begin with an examination of the hardwood floor. This shows us where any damage might be, as well as where the dirt and grime are building up into the thickest concentrations. 

Step 2 

Vacuuming the hardwood is done to remove any debris that could become abrasive and scratch up the surface of your floor during the cleaning process. 

Step 3 

Now we’ll use the OF2000, one of our revolutionary cleaning machines, to apply our pretreatment solution to the floor. This enzyme powered solution breaks down dirt and grime on a molecular level. 

Step 4 

The OF2000 continues working, only now we use it to apply our core cleaning solution to the floor. This will help make sure no dirt or grime is left behind. 

Step 5 (Optional)

With the cleaning taken care of, this next step is optional. We can apply Oxi Floor Refinisher. This semi-gloss, temporary urethane coating will continue protecting the floor for months

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Sonia Garg

Meet Sonia Garg


Sonia Garg is ready to provide you with Redmond hardwood floor cleaning. Let Sonia and her team show you what Oxi Fresh can do for the floors in your home. You deserve clean, beautiful hardwood and Sonia is going to make sure you have them.

Why People Prefer Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh stays on top because our customers keep coming back for more hardwood floor cleaning in Redmond. Here are a few reasons why:

No Sanding - Oxi Fresh cleaning is easy on a floor because we don’t sand down the top layer and make a mess. We break down only the dirt and grime. 

Quick Cleaning - Oxi Fresh doesn’t waste your time, and since we don’t sand, our cleaning is fast and efficient. 

Easy Appointments - Making an appointment with us is as easy as choosing a time and date for us to come clean for you. We don’t use scheduling windows, so we’ll arrive on time. 

Other Cleaning Services 

Oxi Fresh doesn’t just provide hardwood floor cleaning in Redmond. We can also take care of carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and even upholstery cleaning. You deserve a clean home, so let Oxi Fresh take care of the cleaning for you. 

Call our Scheduling Center at 425-448-5244 and make your appointment today.

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