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Weatherford Tile and Grout Cleaning


Weatherford Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors can be used anywhere but are most common where people expect water to be on the floor. This means kitchens and bathrooms. Our Weatherford tile and grout cleanings are available for when the dirt and oils on the floor have built up and require more serious cleaning.

Mopping and other DIY products can help stave off the inevitable, but eventually you will need more. There will come a point with your tile floor that mopping by itself won’t get it clean anymore. When this happens, it is because dirt and oils have become trapped in the fissures and cracks of the tile and grout.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is here to provide you with cleaning that can do more than you can do on your own. That is why we use revolutionary cleaning machines and modern solutions. This helps us achieve a result that you can count on, that will clean your tile floor and leave your house looking cleaner. 

To get our Weatherford tile and grout cleaning call our Scheduling Center at 817-458-3373.

How We Clean Tile and Grout

In order to get your tile floor clean, we methodically clean. To give you an idea of what you can expect from your tile and grout cleaning, keep reading. 

Step 1

When your technician arrives, they will inspect the tile floor. This is to help them target the areas that need the most attention.

Step 2

Your technician will then vacuum the tile floor. The goal of this is to remove debris and grit that won’t be taken care of during cleaning. It also prevents any abrasive scratching against your tile. 

Step 3

Once vacuuming is done, we apply the Oxi Stone Cleaner to your floor. This helps by breaking down the dirt and oils that are clinging to your tiles and in the grout lines. 

Step 4

Your technician will now scrub the floor with our special machine. This should free the remaining grime from your floor.

Step 5

Once we have extracted the dirt and grime, we can go a step further. If a grout line refuses to release the grime in it, we can use the Oxi Restore process. This will go a step further and get the darkest grout line clean. 

Step 6 (Optional Additional Service) 

With cleaning finished, you can ask for a protectant to be applied to your grout lines. This protectant will help keep the grout from absorbing stains and spills as easily.

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The chairs he clean do not look any better than when he started. He did not turn the cushions over and do the underside and they are reversible cushions. Cleaned his machine in the driveway and left the residue. DB. - Baton Rouge, LA - 08/08/2022
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Meet Monty and Karrie Shipp


The Shipps are who you want on your side when you need a tile and grout cleaning in Weatherford. They have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to get the job done. No matter how dirty your floor is, nor how big it is matters to them. Take your chance to see for yourself what they can do.

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  • Large service catalog – our Weatherford tile and grout cleanings are just one of our many offerings

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At Oxi Fresh, we know that most people need more than tile and grout cleaning. That is why we can also clean your carpet. Don’t risk the stress and embarrassment of having a dirty floor when guests come over. Let Oxi Fresh handle your carpet cleaning!

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