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Germantown TN Steam Cleaning


Germantown TN Steam Cleaning

Clean, fresh carpets add an incredible level of comfort and sophistication to your home. If only they could always stay that way! Germantown steam cleaning is an option for when it’s time to clean your carpets, but this method often leaves your floors oversaturated and can take up to 24 hours to dry. You find yourself avoiding getting your carpet cleaned, because it’s just such a nuisance. 

If you want an easier way to get that carpet cleaned, try Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Our advanced, modern system makes us the ideal alternative to steam cleaning that you’ve been searching for. Our cleaning method harnesses the power of oxygen to give you satisfyingly clean carpets. Because our process uses up to 95% less water than steam cleaning, our dry time is much shortertypically, your carpets will finish drying in just about one hour after our service is complete. Compare that to the average 12-24 hour dry time that steam cleaning requires! 

If you’re ready to make the switch from old-fashioned Germantown steam cleaning, you can head to our Online Scheduler or call us at 901-472-4664 to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you! 

Why Oxi Fresh?

Have you had a steam cleaning company work on your carpets before? If so, you’ve had the firsthand experience of how time-consuming this cleaning method is. To steam clean a carpet, gallons of water have to be used. Your carpets end up so wet that they can sometimes take a full 24 hours to dry, meaning that your entire day ends up consumed with finding ways to avoid your wet carpets. For those with young children or pets, you know how much work it is to keep an area of your home cleared for that long! 

An additional drawback of steam cleaning that many don’t know about is that, if the cleaner doesn’t complete the service correctly, an effect called “wickback” can result. Though it may look to you like the steam cleaner fully erased your carpet’s stain, wickback causes the residues to resurface over time. This resurfacing is the result of oversaturated carpets and the steam cleaner’s failure to sufficiently extract built-up residue. 

Getting left stranded with resurfacing dirt? That doesn’t sound fun. Instead, reach out to Oxi Fresh. Our reliable, low-moisture carpet cleanings are the alternative you’ve been wanting to Germantown steam cleaning. Your carpets will finish drying in just about one hour, meaning you and your family will be able to access your full home in a fraction of the time steam cleaning takes!  

Want to schedule an appointment with our team? Head to our handy Online Scheduler, or call us at 901-472-4664. We hope to get the chance to serve you soon!

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David Smith

Meet David Smith


David Smith loves giving homeowners back carpets that they can feel great about. If your carpets need some refreshment but you don’t want the nuisance of steam cleaning, look no further than David’s team. This crew of professionals has the expert solutions your home needs. Contact David and his team today at 901-472-4664!

The Oxi Fresh Method

Oxi Fresh’s advanced system gives your carpets the quick, thorough cleaning you’re wanting. Our tried-and-true methods leave you with stunning carpets that dry in just about one hour. If you’re tired of waiting all day for Germantown steam cleaning to dry, try Oxi Fresh! 

Here’s a quick peek into the five-step process which produces our amazing results: 

Step 1 - First, we look over the entire carpet area to find spots that may need special care. 

Step 2 - If we find any of those areas that require additional attention, we apply our hard-working, enzyme-powered pretreatment solution to them. This pretreatment is specially formulated to break down even the most stubborn oils and residues that have been absorbed by your carpets, ensuring that no spots get left behind after the cleaning. 

Step 3 - Once the pretreatment process has been completed, we apply our core carpet cleaning solution. Our solution is actually formed from two other solutions: an oxygen-driven booster that further breaks down your carpet’s dirt, and a special solution which encloses the broken up dirt with microscopic crystals. This important dual process helps prevent the dirt that’s been dissolved from reattaching to your carpet fibers. 

Step 4 - For the next step, we pull out our professional carpet cleaning machine. This machine is crafted with specially designed brushes that burrow deep into your carpets to extract dirt without causing them any compression. 

Step 5 - Finally, our technician tops the cleaning off with a thorough vacuuming and grooming of your carpets. This professional touch leaves your carpets looking and feeling just like you were hoping they could! 

Oxi Fresh’s modern method extracts years of built-up dirt and oils from your carpets and leaves them strikingly clean. The best part? Your carpets will finish drying in just about one hour, giving you the ability to get back to your day that much more quickly! 

Think it’s time to leave Germantown steam cleaning behind? Book your appointment with us today! 

Carpet Cleanings for your Home and Business

Along with the work we do in homes, Oxi Fresh also offers carpet cleaning services to local Germantown businesses. Whether we’re coming to your home or your business, our team of technicians has the efficient, thorough service you’re looking for. 

Call 901-472-4664 or head to our Online Scheduler to hear more about the services for Germantown businesses. We’re excited to hear from you!

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