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Dyersburg Steam Cleaning


Dyersburg Steam Cleaning

Many people turn to Dyersburg steam cleaning when they need to refresh their dirty, dingy carpets. Unfortunately, some of these families are disappointed to learn they will need to wait a long time for their carpets to completely dry. Now, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has a better solution! We can clean your carpets and dramatically decrease the time you need to wait for your floors to dry.

If you choose an old-fashioned Dyersburg steam cleaning, you may be required to wait 12 – 24 hours for your carpets to dry. But with Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning services, your floors will be dry in about one hour! So how is this possible?  We use an oxygen-powered cleaning system that removes dirt and grime with less water than traditional methods. Your carpets will look fantastic and they will dry quickly. 

Are you interested in learning more? Call us at 731-478-9100 today or speak to our friendly Scheduling Center or use our Online Scheduler to reserve your next cleaning appointment. 

Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

You may not realize how much water steam cleaning methods use to clean your carpets. Unfortunately, this technique often leads to oversaturation. You may be asked to wait up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry. For busy families, this can be a major inconvenience. It can be difficult to wait so long particularly if you have children or pets. 

Additionally, steam cleaning can cause “wickback.” This occurs when too much water is used. Oversaturation can make it appear as though the spot was removed. Later, the stain resurfaces because it was not fully extracted. As you can see, Dyersburg steam cleaning isn’t the best choice for your floors. 

Fortunately, you have other options for carpet cleaning. Oxi Fresh offers low-moisture, quick-drying carpet cleaning services. Not only will your floors look great, but you can also enjoy a shorter drying time – your clean carpets will dry in about one hour! Clean floors can enhance your space for family, friends and guests.

Schedule a cleaning with us today! Use our convenient Online Scheduler or call us at 731-478-9100. We can’t wait to clean for you soon!

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David Smith

Meet David Smith


When you need clean carpets but don’t have hours and hours to wait for your floors to dry, give David Smith and his team a call. They remove tough dirt and grime with Oxi Fresh’s innovative cleaning technology. Our cleaning system delivers fantastic results every time. You can count on David for outstanding service and remarkable results on your floors.

The Oxi Fresh Process

We’ve developed a truly modern cleaning technique that breaks down heavy soil efficiently. Our professional products and expert technicians can make a noticeable difference in your floors in just one cleaning. We are proud to provide an innovative alternative to Dyersburg steam cleaning.

Here are the steps we take at your professional carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh:

Step 1 – First, we carefully examine your carpets. We note any heavily-soiled areas that may require additional attention.

Step 2 – Then, we begin to break down the dirt and oil within the carpets with our powerful pretreatment solution. This product uses enzymes to dissolve soil within the carpet fibers.

Step 3 – Next, we apply our core carpet cleaning solution. This product uses an oxygenated booster to break down dirt and grime. Then, the solution contains a unique encapsulator that traps soil inside tiny microscopic crystals. This process prevents the dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers and makes it easier to remove.

Step 4 – We then clean your floors using our specialized carpet cleaning machine. Equipped with counter-rotating brushes, the machine lifts debris from deep within the carpet without compressing your floor.

Step 5 – To finish, we vacuum and groom the carpets. Your carpets will look fantastic!

This process has proven to be highly-effective at erasing years of dirt and debris and, unlike Dyersburg steam cleaning, your carpets will dry in about one hour!

Residential and Commercial Services

When you need carpet cleaning for your business, give Oxi Fresh a call. We also offer commercial carpet cleanings in Dyersburg. Our superior cleaning power and quick-drying capabilities are a great choice for your home or business. Together, we can maintain your beautiful floors and create a fresh, inviting environment. 

Call us at 731-478-9100 today or visit our Online Scheduler to reserve your next cleaning. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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