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West Fargo Steam Cleaning


West Fargo Steam Cleaning

With clean carpets, your home can be comfortable and relaxing; however, soiled carpets can ruin that cozy space. Before you try steam cleaning, look at a better, more efficient West Fargo steam cleaning alternative!

As a professional carpet cleaning company, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has a fantastic carpet cleaning service. While traditional steam cleaning has a dry time of up to 24 hours, our services can have your carpets dry in about one hour!

With green products and an oxygen-powered system, we have modern, proven methods to make your carpets look pristine! Obviously, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning service is a good West Fargo steam cleaning alternative.

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A Superior Alternative to Steam Cleaning

Due to over-saturation, steam cleaning makes you wait up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry. Who wants to deal with soggy carpets all day long?

But that’s not the only issue with steam cleanings in West Fargo. “Wickback” is another major problem where a stain reappears once the cleaning is done. This occurs due to over-saturation and a failure to extract the water. As you can see, steam cleaning is not the best choice for cleaning carpets. 

Thankfully, Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning is a renowned steam cleaning alternative! Since we use 95% less water than traditional steam cleaning, your carpets can be dry in about one hour and we avoid the problem of wickback entirely.

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LM. - Kaukauna, WI - 10/14/2021
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Prompt, courteous and professional service. Carpet was cleaned very good and stains we’re removed. HN. - Gretna, LA - 10/14/2021
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Mike Burton & Jordan Engel

Meet Mike Burton & Jordan Engel


When you need help with carpet cleaning, Mike, Jordan, and their team are there for you! With an efficient, expert cleaning process, these diligent technicians will work hard to deliver world-class results! They look forward to cleaning your carpets soon!

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

Since we are a professional carpet cleaning company, we use our superb cleaning system to remove dirt and grime. As a West Fargo steam cleaning alternative, Oxi Fresh uses proven methods and excellent services.

When you schedule an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning appointment, we follow these five steps:

Step 1 - Before we clean, we examine your carpets. This is so we may find any tough grime and know if it needs more treatment.

Step 2 - Then, our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution is applied to the soiled areas, breaking down dirt and grime with ease.

Step 3 - Next, we use our core carpet cleaning solution, which is a combination of two different products that prevent dirt from clinging to your carpet fibers. One is an oxygenated booster, the other an encapsulator. Both work together to break down and capture dirt in microscopic crystals.

Step 4 - With thorough, counter-rotating brushes, our carpet cleaning machine further breaks down the trapped dirt.

Step 5 - To finish, we vacuum and groom your clean carpets.

In need of a carpet cleaning that won’t over-saturate your carpets? Oxi Fresh has the ideal steam cleaning alternative just for you!

Residential and Commercial Services

Besides cleaning carpets in your home, Oxi Fresh cleans carpets for businesses as well! From domestic to commercial properties, our West Fargo carpet cleaning leaves a pristine difference that your guests will notice!

Visit our Online Scheduler or call 701-235-5439 about your next Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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