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North Dakota’s Badlands have a pretty accurate name. The area is impossible to farm and difficult to navigate. It’s also one of the most fascinating and stunning parts of America. Theodore Roosevelt once said that it has “a desolate, grim beauty of its own” and that “it was here that the romance of [his] life began.”

The Challenges of a North Dakota Carpet Cleaning

North Dakotans are fortunate to have such a beautiful state, but it would be even better if all that natural beauty would stay outdoors. Dirt, however, will always find a way inside and into your carpet. To keep things looking clean, you eventually have to get a North Dakota carpet cleaning.

Unfortunately, many North Dakota carpet cleaners still use the steam cleaning method. After that sort of North Dakota carpet cleaning, your floors are usually soaked for an entire day – sometimes longer. Worse yet, steam cleaning can increase your chances of getting wickback. What’s wickback? It’s when stains keep reappearing after a North Dakota carpet cleaning.

It will often happen when too much water is left behind after the North Dakota carpet cleaning. That un-extracted water, which has oils and dirt floating in it, sinks into the carpet pad and dries there. Now, thanks to the North Dakota carpet cleaning, there are dirty oils trapped in the pad that will work their way up to the carpet’s surface and create new spots.

Of course, you could schedule another North Dakota carpet cleaning company to come out and try to get rid of those spots, but they will keep reappearing because the real stain is down in the pad. It’s enough to make you want to skip your North Dakota carpet cleaning altogether. Doing that, though, can cut years off the life of your carpet.

The Right ND Carpet Cleaner

So what should you do? You need a North Dakota carpet cleaning, but you don’t need the headaches steam cleaning causes. Thankfully, there’s Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in North Dakota. We’re low-moisture cleaners that won’t soak your floor – in fact, it should dry about an hour after our North Dakota carpet cleaning.

This is because Oxi Fresh uses a modern ND carpet cleaning technique, rather than old fashion methods. We only need about 5% of the water steam cleaners use, relying instead on our North Dakota carpet cleaning solution. We can do this because two part nature of our solution makes it incredibly effective.

The powerful oxygenated booster in our North Dakota carpet cleaning solution breaks apart dirt and spots in the carpet. Next, the encapsulator in the solution forms microscopic crystals around the broken up dirt, making it easy to remove. Then our North Dakota carpet cleaning machine will capture the debris in its dual, counter-rotating brushes, lifting it all up and out of the pile. This leaves your carpets exceptionally clean and soft, all without compressing the carpet pile or soaking your floor.

Scheduling a North Dakota Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh is here to meet your North Dakota carpet cleaning needs. To schedule your North Dakota carpet cleaning appointment, call our helpful Scheduling Center or use the quick and easy Online Scheduler (plus you’ll get some great North Dakota carpet cleaning coupons that way! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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