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Winston Salem Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Winston Salem Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Heavily soiled carpets can make your office look messy and unprofessional. Hire Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as your Winston Salem commercial carpet cleaner so you won’t scare off potential customers with dirty floors. We can deliver amazing results, and your customers will notice an unbelievable difference. 

Dirty and soiled carpets can make you want to rip it all up and start again, but carpet replacement can be costly and could temporarily close your business. Our expert technicians use modern methods and safe solutions to get your carpets clean again. We use powerful cleaning machines that are effective but gentle on your floors! 

Call our Winston Salem commercial carpet cleaner if your floors have been affected by dirt and grime. After only one cleaning, you and your customers will be amazed at the look and feel of your floors! 

If you need a carpet cleaning, contact our Scheduling Center at 336-804-3553 today! We can’t wait to clean for you soon! 

The Oxi Fresh Advantage

The reasons to choose Oxi Fresh are obvious, but here’s a short list of what we do: 

Maintenance Programs and Affordable Prices: Clean office carpets shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. At Oxi Fresh, we make sure our services are affordable, and we’ve added amazing maintenance programs. Sometimes your floors need a touch-up, and our customized maintenance programs can be scheduled at a time that best fits your day.  

Eco-Friendly: We are actively trying to help the environment by using safe and eco-friendly products. Our technicians also use energy-efficient machines that save water. Our innovative methods use up to 95% less water than old-fashioned steam cleaning. As The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, our products are safe around young children and pets.

Quick Drying – Minimal Disruption: Our expert technicians don’t use a lot of water, and they use quick-drying techniques that will have your floors dry in about one hour! 

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CE. - Lakewood, CO - 06/21/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The work done was great! I can still smell the funky odor in one room left behind from a visiting pet.... smells like urine. I was hoping with the additional enzyme treatment, it would be all gone. The other areas are fine. LR. - Katy, TX - 06/21/2021
(4.0 Out of 5 stars)
J. - Texarkana, AR - 06/21/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Mandral Blackmon

Meet Mandral Blackmon


If you need your office carpets to make a great first impression, call Mandral Blackmon and his team of qualified cleaners. His team uses safe and effective methods to make your office carpets look amazing again! Mandral can’t wait to be your Winston Salem commercial carpet cleaner!

Our Five-Step Cleaning Process

Our proven five-step process is the key to our world-class cleanings. Here’s what you can expect with Oxi Fresh as your Winston Salem commercial carpet cleaner:

Step 1 - Before we clean anything, we begin with a thorough examination of your floors, looking for the heavily impacted areas that might need additional care.

Step 2 - We apply our pretreatment solution to the areas that have been impacted by stains and grime.

Step 3 - We break down dirt and debris with our specially formulated cleaning solution that also encapsulates the dirt after it is broken down. The oxygenated cleaning solution also keeps the debris from clinging to the carpet and makes it easier to eliminate.

Step 4 - Our superb OF1000 cleaning machine is then used to scrub the floors, using its counter-rotating brushes. The machine scrubs and scours the floors effectively erasing spills and stains without damaging your carpets.    

Step 5 - To wrap up, we dry and groom your floors, bringing back the beauty of your office carpets! 

To make Oxi Fresh your Winston Salem commercial carpet cleaner, contact our Scheduling Center at 336-804-3553! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Residential Carpet Cleanings

At Oxi Fresh, we offer commercial and residential cleanings. We also help out with tile and grout cleanings, upholstery cleanings, carpet cleaning, and disinfection services! Give our Scheduling Center a call to make your office carpets look like they did years ago! 

For more information about cleaning services, call us today at 336-804-3553 to book an appointment!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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