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There are lots of state nicknames, but the Tar-Heel State is a curious one. Many legends surround the name, but it seems to all go back to the pitch and tar that used to be refined from North Carolina pine forests. Nowadays tar isn’t a big part of North Carolina, but the nickname – no pun intended – has stuck.

The Need for North Carolina Carpet Cleanings

Thankfully Tar-Heel isn’t literal – it’s challenging enough to keep carpets clean and even more difficult to deal with many North Carolina carpet cleaners. After all, even if it helps keep your carpet healthy longer, who wants to deal with a North Carolina carpet cleaning when it soaks your carpet for days on end?

There is, however, an alternative to those NC carpet cleaners – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in North Carolina. We are a revolutionary, low-moisture company that doesn’t use steam cleaning. Instead, our North Carolina carpet cleaning system combines a unique solution and a powerful machine to provide exceptional results.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say North Carolina carpet cleaning “solutions” because it’s a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator. Our North Carolina carpet cleaning solutions break apart the worst dirt and spots with ease and trap the debris in microscopic crystals.

Those crystals prevent the broken-up dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers during the North Carolina carpet cleaning. Those crystals also help our North Carolina carpet cleaning machine since they are easily caught in the machine’s dual, counter-rotating brushes. This two-punch approach ensures the debris is lifted up and out of the pile, leaving your floor fresh, soft, and dry in about an hour.

Green North Carolina Carpet Cleaning

This is all good, of course, but Oxi Fresh knows providing a superior North Carolina carpet cleaning service isn’t enough – it also has to be a green carpet cleaning. Our key effort in that direction has been water conservation. Our North Carolina carpet cleaning system only uses about two gallons of water to clean a home, while most steam cleaners need 30-60 gallons. That means we save tens of thousands of gallons of water annually.

Oxi Fresh’s solutions are also environmentally friendly. One of our core North Carolina carpet cleaning products has even received the Design for the Environment seal, a coveted certification given out by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you want to learn more about our green North Carolina carpet cleaning practices, click here.

Scheduling Your North Carolina Carpet Cleaning

So if you need a NC carpet cleaning and want it to be modern, green, and incredibly effective, Oxi Fresh is the perfect company for you. To set up your North Carolina carpet cleaning appointment, call our Scheduling Center or use the handy Online Scheduler to book online and get some North Carolina carpet cleaning coupons.

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