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Hertford, NC - Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Near Hertford

Searching for a top-notch and reliable carpet cleaning service in Hertford? Your quest ends here! Oxi Fresh’s premier carpet cleaning services are now conveniently available in your area. With our unique cleaning method, we consistently deliver an outstanding cleaning experience that has transformed countless homes and given them a fresh start.

As an established industry leader, Oxi Fresh has carved a niche for itself. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions, innovative techniques, unparalleled customer service, and unwavering commitment to quality have set us leagues apart from our competitors. Residents of Hertford deserve a carpet cleaning service that not only offers freshness and longevity but also ensures the health and well-being of their families.

If you're eager to breathe new life into your carpets and uplift your living space’s ambiance, the right time is now! Use our intuitive Online Scheduler or give us a call at 252-564-3101 to reserve your appointment today.

Discover Oxi Fresh’s Groundbreaking Cleaning Method

Welcome to the avant-garde of Hertford carpet cleaning! Oxi Fresh’s unmatched carpet cleaning system ensures that every inch and fiber of your carpet gets the care and attention it truly deserves:

Inspection: Initially, our proficient team embarks on a thorough examination of your carpet, pinpointing any high-traffic or heavily soiled spots that need extra attention.

Pretreatment: For those persistent and troublesome spots, we apply a powerful enzyme-based solution to specifically target and neutralize them.

Core Cleaning: Our advanced Oxi Fresh cleaning concoctions, combining an oxygenated booster and encapsulator, are applied meticulously, ensuring each section of your carpet is covered and treated.

Deep Cleaning: Harnessing the prowess of the OF1000 carpet cleaning machine, we delve deep into the carpet fibers, effectively cleansing and extracting deep-seated dirt.

Vacuuming: A subsequent, rigorous vacuuming session ensures that any remaining debris or dust is entirely removed.

Grooming: To provide that finishing touch, we meticulously groom your carpet, ensuring it looks and feels luxurious and inviting.

Jim Rayburn

Meet Jim Rayburn


Allow us the pleasure of introducing Jim Rayburn, the maestro behind Hertford's carpet cleaning wonders. Highly dedicated, extensively experienced, and genuinely passionate, Jim has earned his stripes as one of the finest carpet cleaning professionals in the Hertford region. His unwavering focus on quality, combined with a commitment to customer satisfaction, has cemented his stature as the go-to expert for all carpet cleaning challenges.

Companies That Give Back in Hertford

Oxi Fresh of Hertford's mission extends well beyond carpet cleaning. We are staunch believers in making a positive, tangible impact both within the warm community of Hertford and across the globe. Here's a couple things you should know about our holistic approach:

  • Sustainable Practices: Our cleaning regimens employ eco-friendly products that prioritize both your family's health and environmental well-being. Moreover, our innovative, low-water usage methodology conserves significant amounts of water, further promoting sustainability.
  • Supporting Our association with is a testament to our commitment to underserved communities. Every appointment scheduled through our Online Scheduler translates into tangible support for this important organization.

Our pledge goes beyond the mere act of cleaning carpets. By choosing Oxi Fresh's stellar services in Hertford, you're not just receiving a pristine carpet, but you're actively championing a noble cause. Whether you’re in need of a routine Hertford carpet cleaning or a major revamp, book today through our Online Scheduler or by dialing us up at 252-564-3101. Let's collaborate for a better world!

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