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Sunset Hills Tile and Grout Cleaning


Sunset Hills Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors are a mainstay in many homes, and usually in rooms that see a lot of traffic and spills. A Sunset Hills tile and grout cleaning by Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get the floors clean after years of heavy use. 

When a tile floor begins to trap dirt and oils, it can be difficult to get them clean. Grout has many tiny pits where grime can begin to build up despite regular cleaning. When this happens, you just have to call Oxi Fresh; we will get your tile floor back to looking lovely. 

Don’t risk guests or family members being put off by the condition of your floor. Let Oxi Fresh deal with your tile floors and they can end up looking years younger. After all, a tile floor should bring warmth and light into a room, not leave it looking dull and drab.

To get a Sunset Hills tile and grout cleaning, call our Scheduling Center at 636-492-0404.

How We Clean Tile

If you’re using Oxi Fresh to provide you with a Sunset Hills tile and grout cleaning, this is what you can expect from your appointment. 

Step 1

An inspection of the tile floor is done. This helps the technician isolate areas that will need more attention. It also gives them a chance to explain what you can expect from the cleaning. 

Step 2

Your technician will then vacuum the tile floor. This removes any debris and grit that won’t be broken down by regular cleaning. This can also help to protect the tile from unnecessary abrasions during the cleaning process. 

Step 3

Grime can cling to the surface of tiles, which is why we apply the Oxi Stone Cleaner solution. This product breaks down the dirt and oils clinging to the surface of the tile and grout. 

Step 4

The next step is to accelerate the cleaning process by applying agitation. This is done using a powerful cleaning machine with brushes designed to treat tile floors. This device will ensure that the grime on your tile and grout is truly stripped away. 

Step 5

After we extract the floors, we can target any remaining darkened grout lines with our Oxi Restore process. This can get even the darkest grout line clean and makes sure the nooks and crannies of your grout don’t hide anymore grime. 

Step 6 (Optional) 

If you so desire, you can order the application of a special protectant. This product helps to guard your exposed grout lines against rapidly absorbing oils, dirt, and other staging materials.

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My tech guy was so friendly and excellent at cleaning my sisters carpet throughout her house paying attention to detail. Great guy! BZ. - Cleveland, OH - 08/12/2022
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Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser

Meet Jesse Keyser and Charles Keyser


Jesse and Charles Keyser are proud to provide you with tile and grout cleanings in Sunset Hills. The Keysers and their team are experienced and well-equipped to deal with your tile floor. Give them a chance to work for you, and get ready to be amazed by what they can accomplish!

Benefits of Oxi Fresh

  • Fast and friendly service
  • Competitive pricing on everything that we offer
  • Our appointments are made for times you pick, not in large windows
  • Tile floors will look colorful and vibrant
  • Protectant helps keep your grout looking good for longer.

Carpets That Look Great

At Oxi Fresh, we know that a quality tile and grout cleaning is important, but we also know that most people have more than one type of flooring. That is why we can also clean your carpets. Shed your worry and stress about the condition of your flooring when you hire Oxi Fresh today!

To get our carpet cleaning services, simply call our Scheduling Center at 636-492-0404 today.

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