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Tewksbury Upholstery Cleaning


Tewksbury Upholstery Cleaning

Is your office furniture starting to look stained? Think your couches at home might need some attention? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings’s Tewksbury upholstery cleaning is here to help! Our services will brighten up your office or living space with clean, refreshed seats and sofas.  

Oxi Fresh’s Tewksbury upholstery cleaning service uses green, eco-friendly methods that are kind to your furniture while still being tough on built-up dirt and residues. With innovative cleaning processes, a powerful cleaning machine, and experienced technicians, we have everything we need to give you furniture you can be proud of again.  

If you’re ready to learn more about Tewksbury upholstery cleaning, you can call our Scheduling Center at 978-606-2200. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Our Tried-and-True Cleaning Process

Have you tried cleaning your own upholstery before? As many homeowners know, it’s more challenging than it looks. However hard you may scrub, in the end, the furniture still never seems to be quite as fresh as you wanted it. Instead of chasing that elusive clean, let Oxi Fresh’s upholstery cleaning technicians do it for you! You can trust our experienced team to leave you fully satisfied. 

So, what goes into each Tewksbury upholstery cleaning? This is our five-step process, proven to achieve remarkable results: 

Step 1 – First, we survey your upholstery closely to find any of those areas that may be especially smudged or damaged. We’ll communicate with you about what we’ve found, clarifying the results you can expect. 

Step 2 – Next, we apply our pretreatment solution to the spots that need extra attention. Our specialized, enzyme-driven formula powerfully dissolves the built-up dirt and stains in your upholstery’s fabric. 

Step 3 – For our next step, we employ our Oxi Pro upholstery cleaning machine. This machine pulls out any residues and grime that the pretreatment solution first brought to the surface.  

Step 4 – We then cover the furniture with a rinse. Our technicians are trained to approach this step with lots of care – they will completely cleanse your fabric while leaving any wood untouched. 

Step 5 – For our final step, we thoughtfully groom your furniture and leave it surrounded by fans. Your upholstery will dry quickly and look fantastic!

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Brandon was excellent. He was friendly and knowledgeable and got out every pet stain!! MH. - House Springs, MO - 06/18/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
TL. - Westminster, Co - 06/18/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The carpet looks almost as clean as when it was new (a few stubborn dog stains remain). Justin was on time and very professional. CP. - Gilbert, AZ - 06/18/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Michael Foresteire

Meet Michael Foresteire


Michael Foresteire loves the sense of relief that his team’s work brings homeowners. With professional equipment and cleaning products, he and his experienced team leave clients with furniture that looks years younger. When you're looking for a simple, cost-effective way to brighten up your office or living space, call his team at 978-606-2200. Michael hopes to serve you soon!

Why Others Choose Oxi Fresh for Upholstery Cleaning

Consistent, Green Cleanings

Oxi Fresh has been working in communities for many years, and our clients have learned that we can be trusted with their home and office furniture. They have come to look to us as their go-to option for safe, eco-friendly cleanings that look and feel great.  

Simple Appointments

We work hard to provide you with a convenient appointment process. Need to ask a few questions? Ready to book your cleaning? Our Scheduling Center is always ready to answer your questions or to get you set up for an appointment. And when it comes to making appointments, our process is hard to beat. We come when you're ready for us—not the other way around! You get to tell us what time is the best for you, whether that means we come for a daytime, evening, or weekend appointment. 

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Services

In addition to Tewksbury upholstery cleaning, Oxi Fresh also offers carpet cleanings! Our hard-working, oxygen-powered carpet cleanings are designed to fully refresh the floors in your home or business. The best part? The efficient Oxi Fresh method uses up to 95% less water than steam cleaning. Our process will leave your carpets dry in just about one hour!  

You can book an appointment for your next Tewksbury cleaning service by calling our Scheduling Center at 978-606-2200. We look forward to talking with you!

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