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Tewksbury Commercial Carpet Cleaner

When a client walks into your office, first impressions matter. What impression is your business giving? If you want to improve it, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings is here to help as your Tewksbury commercial carpet cleaner! Don’t let dirty carpets damage your business’s image. Our cleanings will help your business look its best. 

At Oxi Fresh, we aim to give you an exceptional cleaning experience from start to finish. Our appointment process was designed with your business in mind. Instead of you trying to work your day around an inconvenient time, you get to tell us the time that works best for you. When we get to your office, our experienced technicians work with innovative methods and professional products to deliver a phenomenal clean. 

Want to learn more? Call us at 978-606-2200 to hear more about Oxi Fresh’s Tewksbury commercial carpet cleaner. We hope to talk to you soon! 

Why Choose Oxi Fresh?

These are just a few elements of our services which make us the best Tewksbury commercial carpet cleaner: 

Consistently Outstanding Results: The Oxi Fresh system partners years of experience with professional equipment to deliver stunningly clean carpets. Client after client has given a raving review about our servicesjust take a look at our website! 

Environmentally Conscious: As The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, we offer services that you can feel good about using. Our methods and products are safe for your carpets and the environment, as well as for children and pets. Even better, our energy-efficient equipment uses up to 95% less water than steam cleaning! 

Quick Cleaning, Rapid Drying: The steam-cleaning process leaves your carpets soaked in water and can take up to 24 hours to dry. Oxi Fresh’s efficient process uses much less water and will leave you carpets dry in just about one hour! Our services are available at the times that are convenient for you, even if you need us to come during the nighttime or the weekend. From our rapid-dry method to our painless appointment process, we’re committed to giving you a simple, no-stress service. 

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Easy to schedule ML. - Crowley, TX - 06/20/2021
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Carpets were clean when the process was completed. Carl was pleasant, efficient, and explained things clearly. LS. - Williamsburg, VA - 06/20/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
KW. - , OH - 06/20/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Michael Foresteire

Meet Michael Foresteire


Want cleaner carpets? Michael Foresteire wants to serve you! Because he’s a business owner himself, Michael understands how important it is to have a clean, professional property. He and his team are dedicated to providing simple cleanings that make a significant difference for your property. Michael looks forward to being your Tewksbury commercial carpet cleaner!

What Can You Expect from Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh is committed to providing outstanding results that delight you, your team members, and your customers. Our cleaning process dries quickly and has been proven to deliver time and time again. Take a peek into what you can expect with Oxi Fresh as your Tewksbury commercial carpet cleaner:

Step 1 - First, we closely survey the carpet areas you want cleaned to find areas that may need extra attention. 

Step 2 - Next, after we find those spots, we apply our specialized pretreatment solution to them. 

Step 3 - Once our pretreatment is complete, the cleaning technician will administer our cleaning solution to the full carpet area. This unique formula is powered by oxygen to break down dirt; it then encapsulates it with tiny crystals to prevent it from reattaching to your carpet fibers. 

Step 4 - For the next step, we bring out the Oxi Fresh cleaning machine, which is specially designed to give your carpets a full, complete clean. Our machine has counter-rotating brushes which reach deep into your carpet fibers to extract packed-down dirt, delivering stunning results without causing any carpet compression. 

Step 5 - Finally, we vacuum your floors to give them an impeccable, professional finish. Just like that, the carpet cleaning is complete! 

Set up a cleaning with Oxi Fresh commercial carpet cleaning in Tewksbury today! You can call us at 978-606-2200 or head to our Online Scheduler to book an appointment. We look forward to cleaning for you! 

Commercial and Residential Services

Oxi Fresh works on more than just businesses - we also offer our services to Tewksbury homes. Want your home to impress your guests? We can help! 

Call us at 978-606-2200 to book your home carpet cleaning!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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