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Ken Caryl Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Ken Caryl Commercial Carpet Cleaner

It’s good for business when you have heavy foot traffic, but your carpets might be suffering for it. Oxi Fresh’s Ken Caryl commercial carpet cleaner is here for when your carpets are starting to look a little dingy.

Because no matter how often your staff vacuums or tries to take care of the property, over time the floors look dirty and dull. That’s because tracked-in dirt, oils, and other debris will be absorbed by and cling to the carpet fibers. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh Ken Caryl Carpet Cleaning has a multi-step cleaning method that can free your carpet from that grime.

Our cleanings are powerful, efficient, and fast-drying. We can get your property looking and feeling fresh without interrupting day-to-day operations. What more could you want in a commercial carpet cleaner?

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Our Cleaning Process

Our Ken Caryl commercial carpet cleaner uses the power of oxygen and revolutionary equipment to deliver world-class results without saturating your carpets. Unlike a steam cleaner, our carpets dry in just about one hour.

But what will that look like in your property? Let’s take a look at what you can expect once you make an appointment with us:

Step 1: Walk-Through
First, your technician will examine the floors of your business that you want to have cleaned. We’ll look for areas with heavy soiling that might need extra attention. Once we’re done, we’ll discuss our findings with you and whether anything might impact the final result.

Step 2: Pretreatment
If we locate areas with heavy soiling, we’ll apply a pretreatment that contains strong enzymes. This solution helps to break up stubborn oils and grime that are trapped in the carpet.

Step 3: Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions
Next, we’ll apply our oxygenated booster and eco-friendly encapsulator as a combined solution. The booster breaks apart dirt and grime while the encapsulator forms tiny crystals around the broken up dirt. This makes it so the dirt doesn’t re-bind to the carpet and is easier to remove.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning with the OF1000
We’ll then use the OF1000, our revolutionary cleaning machine, to clean the carpets. Our machine has dual counter-rotating brushes that are tough on grime but are safe for your floors.

Step 5: Professional Finish
Last, we’ll do a final vacuum and grooming of your carpet. We’ll leave your carpet looking years younger!

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Delaney was helpful and skillful in cleaning my home carpet. I'll ask for her the next time I need carpet cleaning. She was responsive to what I needed EZ. - St. Louis, MO - 10/15/2021
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KT. - Baltimore, MD - 10/14/2021
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Technician was friendly and explained the whole process. Felt very comfortable PG. - Denver, CO - 10/14/2021
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Jonathan Barnett

Meet Jonathan Barnett


If you live in Ken Caryl, then you’re lucky. Jonathan Barnett and his team are your Ken Caryl commercial carpet cleaners. These friendly professionals know how to deliver quality results and excellent customer service. If you have carpets that need cleaning, let Jonathan and his team show you how amazing your floors can look again.

Why People Choose Us

There are many reasons why so many businesses use our commercial carpet cleaning services:

  • Affordable prices and amazing results
  • Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions
  • Carpets that are dry in around one hour
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Tailored maintenance programs

Upholstery Cleaning
Did you know that we also offer upholstery cleaning? Is the furniture in your property in need of a freshening up? Then let Oxi Fresh help! Call our friendly Scheduling Center to learn more about how we can save your sofas.

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