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Santa Monica Steam Cleaning


Santa Monica Steam Cleaning

Clean carpets can provide a cozy element to your home, but dirt and grime will soil your floors with time. You might choose Santa Monica steam cleaning, but there is a more efficient alternative.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is an effective and modern carpet cleaner that uses green solutions and the power of oxygen to revitalize your carpets. Why wait 12-24 hours for your carpets to dry with an outdated method from Santa Monica steam cleaning? Instead choose Oxi Fresh’s superior carpet services that give you drying times of around one hour.

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Steam Cleaning Disadvantages

Steam cleaning is known for its long drying times and oversaturated floors. For anyone who has experienced getting their carpets steam cleaned, you understand the disruption it can be waiting for your carpets to dry. Trying to keep pets and children away from the floors for so long only creates a more challenging situation.

Steam cleaning can also have a negative effect called “wickback,” where a spot temporarily disappears only to return later on. This is because the carpet has been oversaturated and the stain has not been properly removed. It’s apparent that Santa Monica steam cleaning isn’t the best solution for your floors.

Fortunately, Oxi Fresh has a superior remedy! Using less water, our carpet cleaning services give you extraordinary results that dry in about one hour.

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The Oxi Fresh Process

As a proven carpet cleaning company, we are confident we can wipe out years of heavy grime with our professional cleaning system, leaving your floors looking years younger. With dry times of about an hour, Oxi Fresh is definitely the number one choice for Santa Monica steam cleaning. 

When you book a carpet cleaning service with Oxi Fresh, you can expect our established five-step process.

Step 1 – First, we examine your floors thoroughly, looking for any areas that need our specific attention. 

Step 2 – Then, using our enzyme-powered pretreatment solution, we start our cleaning process breaking down grime that has been absorbed into the carpet. 

Step 3 – Next, we use our core carpet cleaning solution that combines an oxygenated booster that breaks down dirt with an extraordinary encapsulator that traps dirt into tiny microscopic crystals. This will prevent dirt from reattaching to the carpet’s fibers. 

Step 4 – Without compressing your floors, we use our specialized carpet cleaning machine with counter-rotating brushes. This is effective in removing debris from the carpet, allowing for a deep clean.  

Step 5 – Finally, we vacuum and groom the carpets.

You can trust our process to remove years of dirt and debris and revitalize your carpets successfully. Unlike Santa Monica steam cleaning, you can count on dry carpets in about one hour.

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David & Kevin Hoang

Meet David and Kevin Hoang


Looking for a superior carpet cleaning service with quick dry times for your floors? David and Kevin Hoang are at your service! They offer the best oxygen-powered technology and innovative techniques to give you excellent results. The Hoangs look forward to serving you soon in Santa Monica.

Residential and Commercial Services

Oxi Fresh offers both residential and commercial carpet cleanings that will revitalize your carpets and refresh your space for guests.

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