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Chesapeake, VA - Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Near Chesapeake

Without a doubt, Oxi Fresh is one of the leading options for Chesapeake commercial carpet cleanings. That’s because we’ve pioneered a commercial carpet cleaning system that harnesses the power of oxygen to provide a low-moisture, fast-drying carpet cleaning that’s perfect for Chesapeake’s commercial properties. 

Whether your commercial carpets are mostly trod upon by your employees, your customers, your partners, or anyone else, it’s crucial to keep them looking great throughout the year so you can present the best version of your company to the world. 

With Oxi Fresh’s eco-friendly system, you can keep your commercial spaces looking lovely with minimal hassle or inconvenience required from you. Just give us a call at 757-996-4447 whenever you’re ready to schedule your next Chesapeake commercial carpet cleaning, and we’ll take it from there!

Our Method for Chesapeake Commercial Carpet Cleanings

Here at Oxi Fresh, we’re able to provide exceptional Chesapeake commercial carpet cleanings because of our high-powered, low-moisture carpet cleaning system. Our specialized process centers around the following key steps:

  • We begin with an inspection of your commercial carpets.
  • Next, we treat high-traffic lanes (like a main entry or hallway) with a specialized enzymatic cleaner.
  • Once we’ve given these enzymes a moment to kick in, we treat the entire carpet with the primary Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning solution, a super-powered combination of grime-fighting products.
  • Using the OF1000 carpet cleaning machine, we extract all of our cleaning solutions from the carpet pile, along with all the dirt, oil, and other grime they’ve broken down and encapsulated.
  • After this, we vacuum the carpet to get rid of any remaining debris.
  • Finally, we groom the carpet with a specialized rake, leaving your commercial space with an attractive finish.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.7 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 36 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Low scent. Quick to dry BM. - Chesapeake, VA - 07/04/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MN. - Chesapeake, VA - 06/15/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
DW. - Chesapeake, VA - 04/17/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The Franchisee

Meet The Franchisee

Locally Veteran, Woman, and Minority Owned and Operated

Alisia Minott is honored to bring the Oxi Fresh commercial carpet cleaning system to Chesapeake, since she’s pleased to provide a valuable service that produces excellent results for her local customers. So if you need to keep the carpets in your Chesapeake commercial property looking great, count on Alisia Minott to do an exceptional job time after time!

Special Benefits at Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh offers its Chesapeake commercial carpet cleaning customers a number of special benefits that make it a better, more convenient experience. Here are a few of these special benefits you can count on when you book an Oxi Fresh commercial carpet cleaning in Chesapeake: 

  • Affordable prices for world-class results
  • Helpful scheduling options available, including one-time appointments or a recurring series of appointments
  • Proven techniques for routine carpet cleanings, as well as more advanced cleaning situations (for instance, our Oxi Sponge offering is great at removing oils from carpets—a common problem for many restaurants)
  • Green, safe cleaning products
  • Fast-drying carpet cleanings that are ready-to-go about one hour after we’re done
  • Water- and energy-conserving methods and machines

For these and other reasons, if you need a professional Chesapeake commercial carpet cleaner, you really can’t beat Oxi Fresh’s revolutionary approach. 

So whenever you’re ready to schedule your next Chesapeake commercial carpet cleaning with a trusted brand, just give us a call at 757-996-4447.

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