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A freshly cleaned room is quite nice, isn’t it? Everything looks and feels brighter and better. Of course, no room ever stays that way long, especially no carpet. So how can you keep your carpets cleaner longer? Well, some of the best Virginia carpet cleaning advice we can offer is to vacuum regularly.

While daily vacuuming is ideal, few of us have the time for such a thorough Virginia carpet cleaning habit. Still, you should try to vacuum two to three times a week to keep the carpet looking fresh. But what should you do when someone spills? These Virginia carpet cleaning tips should help you contain that sort of damage.

A Professional Virginia Carpet Cleaning

Another key to keeping your floor looking healthy is hiring a professional VA carpet cleaner every six months or so. As much as you vacuum and spot clean, dirt will work its way into your carpet pile and only a professional Virginia carpet cleaning company can get it out.

And no one can match Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Virginia for its incredible cleaning power. Everything from pet stains to red stains, from high traffic areas to bad smells can be taken care of with a Virginia carpet cleaning appointment. All of this is possible thanks to the revolutionary system used by our Virginia carpet cleaners.

An Oxi Fresh Virginia carpet cleaning begins with pre-inspection and a helpful pre-spray, but it really kicks off when we use our Oxi Cleaning solution on the carpet. This Virginia carpet cleaning product, a combination of our encapsulator and a powerful oxygenated booster, starts to work immediately.

The Virginia carpet cleaning solution attacks dirt and oils, breaking them up and destroying their grip on the carpet fibers. The encapsulator then forms microscopic crystals around the debris, preventing it from reattaching during the Virginia carpet cleaning and making it all easy to remove.

After our Virginia carpet cleaning solution has worked its magic, it’s our machine’s turn. Our device’s dual, counter-rotating brushes scrub upwards and inwards, easily capturing the encapsulated debris and lifting it up and out of the carpet. This pile-lifting technology, combined with our cleaning solutions, ensures an incredible Virginia carpet cleaning.

A Green Virginia Carpet Cleaning

Besides providing some of the best results, our Virginia carpet cleaning services are also among the greenest available. Oxi Fresh’s low moisture system uses only 5% of the water steam cleaners use, which not only makes for fast, one hour dry times but also saves massive amounts of water. In fact, the amount of water our Virginia carpet cleaning system saves annually can be measured in the tens of thousands of gallons.

What’s more, the Virginia carpet cleaning solutions in our main cleaning system have been carefully designed and tested to make them as safe as possible for pets, children, and the environment. One of our core VA carpet cleaning products has even received the EPA’s Design for the Environment seal.

Booking Your Virginia Carpet Cleaning

Green, fast drying, and highly effective – Oxi Fresh is the perfect Virginia carpet cleaning company for you. So when your carpets are suffering, when vacuuming isn’t enough anymore, you know where to look to for help.

Use the Online Scheduler to book your appointment quickly and easily (and get some Virginia carpet cleaning coupons) or call our friendly Scheduling Center.

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