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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – El Campo, TX


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - El Campo, TX

Have years and years of use left your carpets looking dirty and dingy? Does your floor no longer resemble the fresh carpet it once was? If so, an El Campo carpet cleaning appointment with the team at Oxi Fresh can be just what you’ve been looking for!

If you’ve ever booked a cleaning appointment before, you’ve had to deal with the irritation of having your floors soaked in water. This can be a major hindrance, as these drenched carpets can then take up to 24 hours to dry fully. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh doesn’t need to soak your floors to get them clean!

Our El Campo carpet cleanings rely on the power of oxygen instead of steam cleaning. We can renew your carpeted floors, leaving them looking years younger while also avoiding the irritations and pitfalls that normally can accompany a steam cleaning.

If you’re ready to see your floors refreshed and revitalized, be sure to book a cleaning through our Online Scheduler, our chatbot, or by calling us at 1-877-OXI-FRESH.

A Modern Carpet Cleaner

Our premium carpet cleaning sessions clean deeply and dry fast, often in about one hour! At Oxi Fresh, we aim to please, and we know producing exceptional results in a fast and efficient way will do exactly that.

When you book an El Campo carpet cleaning appointment with the professionals at Oxi Fresh, here is what you can expect.

Step 1: We first examine your floors. We’re on the lookout for any areas where there is significant soiling.

Step 2: If we spot particularly soiled areas, we’ll prepare our enzyme boosted pretreatment solution and apply it.

Step 3: Next up, we add our main cleaning formula to the mix. Sprayed over the entire floor, this cleaning solution breaks down dirt and debris and then traps those same particles. It does this through a process called encapsulation, where tiny crystals form around the dirt and debris.

Step 4: Next, we use our carpet cleaning machine to clean your flooring; its brushes will scrub the carpet from pile to tip.

Step 5: Finally, we vacuum and groom your floors. Once we finish, the floors should look lovely!

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El Campo, Altair, Eagle Lake, Garwood, Louise, Sheridan, Wharton, Hallettsville, Columbus, Alleyton, Oakland, Weimar
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He did a great job in our rent house. CB. - Columbus, TX - 08/10/2021
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VERY pleased!! CM. - Wharton, TX - 04/08/2021
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Bruce Troutman

Meet Bruce Troutman


If you’re looking for an efficient, effective, and convenient carpet cleaner in El Campo, Bruce Troutman and his team of cleaning professionals are here for you! They can renew your carpet floors fast, and by the time they’re done, your floors can look years younger!

Companies That Give Back in El Campo

It’s important to be a responsible part of the community that gives back. One way we do that is by using eco-friendly cleaning techniques. Our products get great results while also being safe for the planet. On top of that, our equipment is very unlike a steam cleaner’s machine; generally, those need power from a running vehicle. Oxi Fresh needs a normal wall outlet, and that’s it!

Additionally, as our fast dry times probably indicate, we help save a lot of water. An average cleaning can save around 95% of the water a steam cleaner would need. That allows us to save a lot of water with our carpet cleanings.

Not Just Green – Proud to Support!

Our environmentally friendly cleanings are not the end of our efforts to give back. We also make a donation to every time someone books a cleaning using our Online Scheduler.

This nonprofit has helped those in need get access to clean and safe water. Oxi Fresh is honored to work with an organization that has helped millions and millions of people. Be sure to book your next cleaning appointment with our Online Scheduler and do your part to bring clean water to those in need today!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is Helping Bring Water to the World

By scheduling online, you can help bring clean water to the millions of people around the world in need


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