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Center Moriches, NY - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Your hardwood floor can bring elegance and value to your home, but when it’s dirty, it can ruin the whole look of your home. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s Center Moriches hardwood floor cleaning is here for you when you need tough dirt, oil, and grime removed.

Even if you clean often, your hardwood floor can still end up discolored and dull. This is because there are tiny cracks in the wood in which dirt and oils can easily accumulate. Over time, these residues buildup to create a layer of grime. 

Even the generic cleaner you’re using might be causing your hardwood harm in the long term. Many generic products contain acrylic wax. At first, this wax helps make your hardwood look shiny after you’ve cleaned it. However, each time you use the cleaner, it adds a new layer of acrylic wax that doesn’t go away. Eventually, this wax accumulates into enough layers until it actually ends up making your hardwood look dull and greyish. Oxi Fresh doesn’t cause this problem.

At Oxi Fresh, we combine innovative solutions and revolutionary equipment to achieve world-class results. We can remove years of buildup so that your hardwood floor is left looking pristine. We are here to help restore the natural beauty and luster of your hardwood floor so that you can get back to enjoying your home.

If you’re ready for your floors to look their very best, then you can count on our Center Moriches hardwood floor cleaning. Make an appointment today by calling our Scheduling Center at 631-400-4747.

How We Clean Hardwood Floors

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when you schedule our Center Moriches hardwood floor cleaning:

Step 1

We start the appointment by doing a careful inspection of the hardwood floor that you want us to clean. During the examination, we’ll look for problem areas where we might need to focus our efforts.

Step 2

Vacuuming is the next step. We will work to remove grit and debris that has the potential to damage the hardwood during our cleaning process.

Step 3

We will then use our OF2000 to apply a pretreatment on the areas with the heaviest soiling. The pretreatment will work to break apart tough deposits of dirt, oils, and grime.

Step 4

We will then use our OF2000 to apply a core cleaner. This solution will work to continue the job of breaking down stubborn residues.

Step 5 (Optional)

After we’re done cleaning, you can opt for an extra service. Our Oxi Floor Refinisher can add a temporary urethane coating that will keep your hardwood clean for longer and give it a semi-gloss finish that will last for several months.

The Advantages of Oxi Fresh

Here are some of the most common benefits to choosing our Center Moriches hardwood floor cleaning:

  • We won’t sand your hardwood floor to clean it.
  • No toxic varnishes will be used in your home.
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • Competitive prices on our services
  • Flexible appointment times
The Franchisee

Meet The Franchisee


Robbie Lee and Rob Andersen are proud to offer Center Moriches hardwood floor cleaning that can remove years of dirt and grime with ease. Their team of experts works hard to transform your dirty hardwood into a floor that’s brighter and cleaner. Rob and Robbie hope to hear from you soon!

Upholstery Cleaning

When your favorite chair or sofa starts to look drab, don’t despair. Oxi Fresh has powerful solutions that can rinse out dirt and oils that have absorbed deep into the fabric. Where other generic cleaners can accidentally damage or bleach your upholstery, the products that Oxi Fresh uses are gentle on the fabric. If you’re ready for your furniture to look amazing, then trust Oxi Fresh to give you world-class results.

Make an upholstery cleaning appointment today by calling our helpful Scheduling Center at 631-400-4747.

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