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Center Moriches Upholstery Cleaning


Center Moriches Upholstery Cleaning

Does your furniture look dingy? Is your favorite chair covered in unsightly marks? Whatever the case may be, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s Center Moriches upholstery cleaning is here for you.

Even if you’ve been careful, your furniture may still look discolored. The upholstery picks up dirt from your clothing and even absorbs oils from your skin. Over time, these residues accumulate and create darkened patches that can look greasy. That’s where Oxi Fresh comes in.

We have powerful solutions that are capable of rinsing out dirt and oils that have absorbed deep into the fabric. While our unique method of cleaning is tough on dirt, it’s also gentle enough to be safe for use on the most delicate upholstery out there. Let us transform your dirty furniture into brighter, cleaner upholstery.

Book our Center Moriches upholstery cleaning by calling our Scheduling Center at 631-400-4747.

How We Clean Upholstery

We follow a multi-step process that helps our cleaning be consistent and efficient. We’ve earned tens of thousands of five-star reviews that can attest to the superior quality of both our customer service and our world-class results.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when you schedule our Center Moriches upholstery cleaning:

Step 1

We start by doing a thorough inspection of the upholstery that you want us to clean. During the examination, we will take note of heavily soiled areas where we will likely need to focus our efforts. Once we are done, we’ll share our results and give you a general idea of what to expect from the appointment.

Step 2

A pretreatment will be applied to the heavily soiled areas. The pretreatment is so potent because it uses enzymes to break apart tough residues.

Step 3

Next, we use the Oxi Pro Upholstery Cleaning Machine. This revolutionary equipment deep cleans the upholstery while still remaining gentle and safe on the fabric itself.

Step 4

Then we apply an encapsulating rinse to protect the furniture from water stains.

Step 5

Last, we will set up fans all around the upholstery to help accelerate the drying process.

The Advantages of Oxi Fresh

Some of the most common benefits to using our Center Moriches upholstery cleaning include:

  • Competitive pricing on our services
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Friendly, professional staff
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Robbie Lee & Rob Andersen

Meet Robbie Lee and Rob Andersen


When you need your furniture rescued from dirt and grime, you can count on Robbie Lee and Rob Andersen. Their team of experts are able to deliver Center Moriches upholstery cleaning that will leave the furniture looking pristine. They understand how important it is to have furniture that looks amazing. Rob and Robbie hope to hear from you soon!

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Does your carpet look dingy? Are you considering replacing your carpet with new flooring? Before you spend thousands of dollars on renovations, let Oxi Fresh clean for you. We use the power of oxygen to remove years of dirt and leave the carpet looking its best.

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