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Zephyrhills, FL - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Near Zephyrhills

At Oxi Fresh, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a cutting-edge approach to cleaning hardwood floors. Our Zephyrhills hardwood floor cleaning approach is based on a non-intrusive, sanding-free process, meaning we use purpose-built cleaning agents and powerful machines to offer a more efficient and effective service to our local customers.

In contrast, many other wood floor cleaning services in Zephyrhills rely on an intrusive sanding and refinishing process that’s both less effective and less convenient. In that light, if you need a wood floor cleaning for your Zephyrhills property, trust Oxi Fresh for the job.

To book your next hardwood floor cleaning appointment now, just give us a call at 813-815-8886. 

How We Clean Wood Floors

At Oxi Fresh, we use a novel and innovative approach to clean Zephyrhills’s wood floors, whether they’re real hardwood or any other type of wood flooring. For any routine cleaning, we’ll stick to these proven procedures to ensure we produce satisfying results:

Step 1: First, we’ll carefully inspect your hardwood floors.

Step 2: Next, we’ll vacuum the floors.

Step 3: With our OF2000 machine, we’ll apply our pretreatment solution to the floor, while simultaneously scrubbing the floor and extracting soil and solution with our machine.

Step 4: Continuing with the OF2000, we apply, agitate, and extract our primary hardwood floor cleaning solution, while extracting any remaining soil from the floor.

Step 5: As an optional last step, many customers also purchase an application of our Oxi Floor Refinisher, a specialized protective coating that provides a semi-gloss sheen.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.8 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 48 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Very punctual, cleaning of our carpet always exceeds our expectations. We have used his service three times and we are always extremely happy. DR. - Zephyrhills, FL - 05/15/2024
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
MS. - Zephyrhills, FL - 01/20/2024
(4.5 Out of 5 stars)
I love Oxi Fresh!! The before and after of the carpeting is like night and day! The rep was very friendly, very professional, and very careful when cleaning. I had this same rep a couple years ago and he did an excellent job. I highly recommend Oxi Fresh!!!!! HK. - Zephyrhills, FL - 12/14/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Rick Braun

Meet Rick Braun


Wherever you are in the Zephyrhills area, Rick Braun is the wood floor cleaning professional you can count on day-in and day-out. Together with his team of trained professionals, Rick Braun uses Oxi Fresh’s cutting-edge methods described above to offer satisfying cleanings throughout the local community.

Why People Prefer Oxi Fresh

When Zephyrhills’s other hardwood floor cleaning services perform a cleaning, they mostly use a sanding and refinishing process that can, in a worst case scenario, put your floors at risk of damage or deterioration. In contrast, Oxi Fresh’s wood floor cleaning system is equally powerful and effective but doesn’t put your wood floors at risk. 

Our non-intrusive system is also efficient, making the experience with Oxi Fresh easy and convenient. Plus, we make providing great customer service and clear, helpful communications a top priority when serving each and every customer.

Beyond our routine wood floor cleanings, we also offer a variety of specialty services related to wood floors. For instance, our acrylic wax removal technique can readily remove layers of acrylic wax that frequently buildup on wood floors over time, since these waxes are commonly used in DIY products. We also offer carpet cleanings, upholstery cleanings, and more.

As such, we hope you’ll give Oxi Fresh’s cutting-edge approach a try the next time you need a Zephyrhills hardwood floor cleaning from a trustworthy, experienced professional.

Whenever you’re ready to schedule your cleaning, just reach out to our Scheduling Center team at 813-815-8886!

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