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Florida has an incredibly diverse wildlife. Off the coast you’ll find bottlenose dolphins and the colossal right whales. Inland there are bobcats, otters, marsh rabbits, black bears, and many other animals. Equally interesting, but also more unnerving, are the alligators, crocodiles, and snakes that can be found throughout Florida.

Choosing a Green Florida Carpet Cleaner

In order to preserve this Florida’s natural beauty, it’s important that people and businesses in Florida are environmentally friendly. Oxi Fresh’s Florida carpet cleaning franchisees, for example, use green carpet cleaning methods. Our Florida carpet cleaning practices save water and conserve energy, while still providing a thorough cleaning. But how exactly do we manage that?

Oxi Fresh’s Florida Carpet Cleaning

The reason behind our Florida carpet cleanings’ effectiveness and environmentally friendliness is twofold: we employ special solutions and a revolutionary, low-moisture system.

The cleaning products we use during a Florida carpet cleaning were specially designed to be safe not only for pets and people, but also the environment. One of our core Florida carpet cleaning products has even received the EPA’s Design for the Environment certification.

These safe Florida carpet cleaning products are also very strong and will easily break apart dirt and grime in the carpet. These Florida carpet cleaning solutions also encapsulate the debris in microscopic crystal. This makes the debris easy to lift out of the carpet, which we do with our unique machine and its dual, counter-rotating brushes. The machine scrubs deep into the carpet pile and removes the debris to provide a truly deep Florida carpet cleaning.

The green Florida carpet cleaning solutions we use don’t require a lot of water for them to work well, so we only get the carpets damp when we clean. On average our FL carpet cleaners use about 2 gallons of water per home, compared to the 30-40 gallons more traditional Florida carpet cleaning companies need. This ends up saving thousands of gallons every year

And since we don’t have to pump water in and out of the carpet, we don’t need to have a vehicle running throughout the job to power our equipment. This aspect of our Florida carpet cleaning ends up saving quite a bit of energy and prevents unnecessary pollution.

Scheduling your FL Carpet Cleaning

To schedule your green carpet cleaning in Florida, just use our Online Scheduler. Enter your zipcode and book online or call the Florida carpet cleaning number it brings up.

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