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Vallejo, CA - Commercial Carpet Cleaner

If you’re operating a business or own one, you know how much work it takes to be successful. Putting out the perfect image is essential to continuing success. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, as your Vallejo commercial carpet cleaner, can help make sure no customers ever see a dirty carpet. 

A dirty carpet can ruin everything you’re trying to work for. Customers may see that and get the wrong idea about your business. This can lead them not to come back, or it could even damage your reputation. With the internet, one bad experience can turn into an avalanche. 

Oxi Fresh will take care of your carpets. Our modern solutions and revolutionary cleaning equipment are designed for success. A single cleaning is all it will take for your carpets to look years younger. You can count on Oxi Fresh to deliver the cleaning your business needs. 

To make Oxi Fresh your Vallejo commercial carpet cleaner, call the Scheduling Center at 707-917-8686 or book online at our Online Scheduler. 

The Oxi Fresh Advantage 

When it comes to cleaning carpets, Oxi Fresh can’t be beaten. Here are some of the advantages that Oxi Fresh brings to our customers.

Maintenance Program

With Oxi Fresh, you can set up a maintenance program. This means you don’t have to worry about making appointments every time you need cleaning. You set up when and how often you want us to arrive. We can clean any time of any day of the week. 


Oxi Fresh specializes in being safer for the environment. We have dedicated large amounts of time and money to this endeavor. This means you can feel confident that your carpet cleaning won’t harm the environment around your business. 

Minimal Disruption

We know that for a business to be successful, everything needs to be on time. Instead of making you wait 12-24 hours for a dry carpet, it’ll take around one hour. This is because Oxi Fresh uses 95% less water than steam cleaning.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.7 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 59 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Taj was very professional. He was running a little early and called to make sure it was ok to come early. He inspected my carpets and told me what my best options were. He did a great job cleaning the carpet and it took no time. The carpet looks great and there is no odor. I will definitely use this company again. CP. - Vallejo, CA - 12/17/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The experience was above board! The technicians attention to detail enhanced my experience. He encourage me to make small tweaks that created a huge impact. Thought I thought of everything? But he came with a knowing,lol. My carpet has never looked this good and felt so clean. I hour dry time was not an oversell. There was no lingering questionable smell after the process was completed. The dirt extraction left an undeniable freshness in the air. Lastly, I had several cancellations from other companies before Oxi-Clean. Their original technician had attracted the virus and had to cancel. I was frustrated, but as it turns out they were worth the re-schedule. I ended up receiving a call from the owner of the company. She was accommodating and a straight shooter. So glad it worked out. Oxi-Clean is my 1st choice service provider for as long as their in business. Many many thanks TH. - Vallejo, CA - 12/05/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
SB. - Vallejo, CA - 10/03/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Shawntel & Taj Ridgle

Meet Shawntel & Taj Ridgle


Shawntel and Taj Ridgle are ready to be your Vallejo commercial carpet cleaners. The Ridgles and their team have the training, experience, solutions, and equipment to get your carpet clean. No matter how dirty or how big it is, they can take care of it for you.

How We Clean

You might be wondering what to expect when Oxi Fresh comes to clean for you. This is how we clean carpets. 

Step 1 - We begin by inspecting the carpet. This shows us where dirt and grime are building up. If we notice any damage, we’ll let you know. 

Step 2 - Our pretreatment solution is applied to the thickest layers of grime on the carpet. This enzyme-powered solution breaks down grime on contact. 

Step 3 - The core cleaning solution of Oxi Fresh does two things simultaneously. One, it breaks down dirt and grime. Two, it encapsulates debris and grit in microcrystals. 

Step 4 - The OF1000 uses dual brush heads. These are engaged on your carpet to help accelerate the cleaning process. 

Step 5 - Grooming and vacuuming the carpet are the last things we do. 

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Oxi Fresh isn’t just a commercial carpet cleaner in Vallejo. Whether residential or commercial, we can provide upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning

To get Oxi Fresh cleaning, simply call our Scheduling Center at 707-917-8686 today.

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